Friday, December 25, 2009

Cecelia Ahern's "Where Rainbows End"

From the bestselling author of PS, I Love You, comes a heart-warming, absorbing tale of love and friendship. I will finish reading it and post my comment soon :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome back Yati!

Salam out there!
Perhaps today is another one of those awakening days in my life! The last time I posted (or even visited my blog) was about a year back! How time flies! And to read some of my old postings (which of course now sounds rather stupid) is so exciting. Was that really me whining all the way? It seemed that finishing my M.Ed was such a BIG deal! Gosh... But, yes it was! People out there...dont you agree that whenever we are striving for something, we always wish that it will end soon. And the moment it does, we look back and say, "Did I do that?" Exactly like the pain of giving birth.. you ll never want to do it all over again..but God is great..we always Tun Mahathir eloquently said "Melayu mudah lupa", I on the other hand will say "Mothers always forget" ..and for that blessing, husbands should love their partners more, not to take them for granted and thank God that they have someone willingly enough to give birth to their beautiful children...