Thursday, July 10, 2014

Know Our Roots

The next day, we found out who they were. The couple were Indonesians lecturers who were carrying research in one of the local universities in that state. They were so down to earth and full of joy to meet us there. Well, this is Spain. Not England. Here, people hardly speak English except in big cities like Barcelona. This wonderful couple were able to speak the local French or Catalonia language.
I on the other hand, was only able to understand a few words of French like Ola!(Hell0!), Si (Yes), Gracias (Thank you) and Satirda (Exit) hehe.

This experience draw my attention. When I travel, I tend to think more and learn from my observations. It dawn on me that the knowledge that this couple has acquired hasn't changed them into arrogant and 'Know-it-all'' attitude. It reminds me of a pinch of arrogance that I might have felt in instances when I was caught off guard. to be humble and stay grounded regardless of our level of education yo! Just like the Malay phrase "Ikutlah resam padi, semakin berisi, semakin menunduk,"

Do we tend to be friendlier when we are outside our own country? Hem..well I don't know.
What about when we are IN Malaysia?  Notice the attitude of arrogance and flashing each other's credentials in our society? Sometimes we forget the true quest for knowledge. Acquiring new knowledge should make us realize the very little knowledge we have so far. There is always so much more to learn and as a matter of fact, we are no where close to the knowledge of our Creator.
And so my students, let's be humble individuals regardless of the qualifications that you might have. Our exams results and achievements are just evidences to our learning process. Period.

I am,however, proud of your quest for knowledge. I pray for your success in your coming exam.