Friday, April 25, 2008

Final Thoughts and Reflections

Developing this e-portfolio is definitely a paradigm shift for me. Only one semester ago, the idea of having my own website was out of reached. I do realize now that I have to keep abreast with time. This is because the world around us changes quickly. I had to learn a lot from my students when it comes to techno features. I am a language teacher and I believe that if I learn what they know, then maybe some kind of connection can be made. Knowledge comes in many forms and this is one of them – the ability to create an e-portfolio (no matter how humble it is). Thank you to my lecturer, Dr. Edwin who has introduced us to this world of ‘blogging’ which was once alien to me. There are still a lot to learn and I can sense that one of the reasons to pursue professional development is to acquire new knowledge and skills. It helps me to keep excited about my work and combat negativity in my teaching. As today is going to be my final exam, I want to congratulate my lecturer again for providing us insights into pursuing our professional development. I hope to practise what I have learned and continue with lifelong learning.

Frustration Again...

How can I be so careless….After spending almost two hours, uploading some materials into my e-portfolio, I suddenly realized that my internet connection was disconnected! I did the most undesirable thing at this point of time – I didn’t save my work at all. Hem…what am I going to do now....Take a deep breath yati...This is the third time it happened to me and God…please have mercy on me. Probably I was too engrossed in my work that I didn’t do the most important thing. I suppose all my course mates are having sleepless nights finishing our assignments and revising for the final exam. For an incident of this kind to occur…I really need to pull myself together and take it as easy as I can (I’m trying okay..). It is almost impossible to keep everything on time. My students’ assessments came in when we are one week away from our final exams. The scripts are argumentative essay-form (where citation forms are crucial elements) plus two short paragraphs answers. Can you imagine how I felt as I was marking the papers? On top of that, I had to travel to Gombak for validation of marks and etc!!!. Why am I recording this incident? It serves as a reminder to me, not to proceed with my PhD (if ever!) while I am still working. There is no joy of learning when you have very limited time to explore the knowledge and not being able to let it ‘sinks’ in long-term memory. Yes, I love the lectures…but gosh…please do it full-time for the second time around. I am drumming negative thoughts am I? Stop it yati! At least what you can do is go to sleep. It’s almost 2 a.m. Pleasant thoughts now...No more regrets. Just go with the flow... Life is just great when you know where you are heading…be calm and everything will be over soon..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Making of my e-portfolio..Help! I am almost drowning...

Oh dear..I forgot that part of the reason why I'm keeping this blog is to share my experiences in developing my e-portfolio that is on I am required to post entries on thoughts and reflections on designing, developing and maintaining this e-portfolio. Let me begin with my selection of website for hosting my e-portfolio. At first I went to a different website address ( - without the -s) and accidently register myself to a website for models! I believed I did that because I saw images or silhouettes of sexy figures in all the templates! For someone who is not techno savy like me, it caused me two hours of browsing and attempting to head somewhere and finally realized that I had chosen the wrong website (just because I forgot the letter -s!). This assignment is really testing my level of ambiguity tolerence as I am not keen to spend hours in front of the computer just to figure things out! I would rather read a good book or go swimming than attempting to upload (or is it download?) my photos, not knowing whether it will turn-out in my web. So viewers, what you actually see on my e-portfolio is definitely my own tortoise work, designed and developed by me without any professional help. The first few photos that I managed to upload caused an uproar of joy and happiness that you would not have imagined..