Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Leadership Students Sem 1, 2012/2013

December 2012
 Hem... well let's see... my opinion about this group... a reserved bunch... that finally 'bloomed'! Now, after going through the course, what does leadership mean to you?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Dream Vacation

To my dear EOP students (Sem 1, 2012/2013),

You have presented really well (beyond my expectations!) Therefore, I feel the need to preserve your presentations in my blog.  I invite all of you to express yourselves in words - describe the wonderful places that you have enthusiastically  presented in class.
The floor is now yours :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Testing the Water

Dear readers,

I scribbled this story on a piece of paper two years ago. I kept it because I wanted my daughter to read it someday and remember this moment. Here it goes:

She was eight and it's UPSR time (a major exam for Primary school students in Malaysia).That morning after taking her shower and getting ready to school, my daughter who was in standard two, suddenly looked confused and hesitated. Out came the question,

"Do I have to go to school today?" Puzzled and amazed, I asked "Why dear?"

She quickly responded, "Coz my teacher said, if you are not able to CONTROL yourselves, you better not come to school." (Kalau kamu semua tidak boleh mengawal diri, tidak perlu datang ke sekolah).

She then looked at me with her innocent eyes, "So, do I HAVE to go?"

Instead of being angry and alarmed, I asked her "Can you control yourself then?"
My eight year old girl who is witty and a bit cheeky casually answered " I don't know " (Tak tahu)

Now, the ball is in my court.  Again, I have to decide on her behalf.

"Well, the answer is yes. You definitely have to go."
In that instance, she brushed the issue aside and resumed to the normal state.  I on the other hand, was thinking all the way while driving her to school.  Is this a situation when a mother has to decide what's the best for her child? Or was there any motive behind this conversation?

We finally reached school.
When she stepped out of the car, she looked cheerful and happy as usual.

I quickly stepped out of my car too and asked, "Now, teh, are you able to control yourself?"
She turned around and with a cheeky face answered, "Of course Ibu!" (Mestilah)

Aha! Only then I realized that she was trying to get her way of not going to school. Perhaps, she was just 'testing' me!  Thank God she didn't get away with that!

I winked my eyes and waved at her.  She was only eight and she knew me too well already.  Enthusiastically, she waved back and walked confidently to class. I sighed as I turned back to my car,
"Haha! Fat chance Teh Aisyah...Fat chance!

To my public IFLA students Intake 3,2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dear Dr.Anisa, Ashhar, Nor, Norulhuda,Shahrul, Suzi,Nadia, Sakinah & Dr.Tuti,
I invite you to share the book you are currently reading for the Book Review session in class. Remember - put your grammar worries aside or whether you can write...Just do one thing - "Start Writing ..hehe" :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank you J Hamzah...

Dear J,

This entry is especially dedicated to you.  When I called you today, I said " You have 5 seconds to guess who is on the line!" ...and wow Masya Allah..before the 5 seconds ended you quickly responded "Of course,  it's Madam Yati!"
Suddenly, the line was cut off. Two minutes later, you returned my call.

You see J, your next question really touched my heart...
"Madam, what happened to your book? Have you published it?"

..Gosh, J.. your question caught me right in my stomach..
and I answered, "The truth is...( and I did tell you the 'whole truth' right?) "

Hem...J..what can I say?...If there is anything you can learn from me, this will be one of it,

I'm a bit mellow tonight after listening to your compliments (which by the way I thank you so much). I don't know whether I deserve them J... I'm NOT sure if I'm a good writer.  That's why I abandoned my writing. Take this blog as an example. I actually dedicated this blog to my students, my children and myself.  But my last entry was way in April! Maintaining this blog is something that I find very challenging as I am NOT a true writer (I think) in a real sense.  In my opinion, a TRUE born writer would not have to drag himself or herself to write. I once read about a writer who said, "I have to write, or I shall feel suffocated." Another writer claimed, "Writing is like breathing the air around me..." There you go J...these people feel at ease when they write whereas for me...well you know better..

Whatever my excuses and reasons are, this entry is not about me.
It's actually about YOU. I want to express my sincere admiration towards your energy and passion in teaching (Now that you are a teacher yourself! Ahah!)
I bet you will be one of the many BEST Maths teachers living on this planet.
But before you are a teacher, you were my student.  So, let me bring you back to memory lane...

I remember the first day I met you in the lecture hall.  You were seated right there - front row.
You had this expression which I called a rare mixture of 'composed  but inquisitive' look which is lately missing in a BIG lecture hall. After I finished throwing my question, you quickly fired an answer which I thought was so COOL ( as I don't get that many answers/responses from my Malaysian students).
Many chose to be oblivious of what they heard (and so I assume).  But, certainly NOT you J.
You always seemed to be alert and engaged. Your eyes were always beaming with excitement which I reckon came from your honest heart which was clearly experiencing the thirst for knowledge.

And my prediction was right all the way.

That you will be one of those Caliphs who will embrace lifelong learning even after the formal education ends.

That you understood what I meant by 'A GOOD attitude and an inquisitive mind will really bring you a long way compared to your CGPA  results'

Thank you for your enthusiasm in class...thank you for asking me those questions in class and most importantly, thank you  for making me proud J.

Break a leg :)