Friday, July 30, 2010

CCLM2051K-Leadership and Management

Salam everyone,
It was wonderful to meet all of you for the first time last Friday evening.
Are you excited about this course???
What does leadership mean?
Well, leadership in Islam is a trust(amanah).
According to the Prophet(saw), Muslims must appoint a leader during a trip, select a leader (imam) to lead the prayer, and choose a leader for other group activities. In the family unit, the husband is the leader of his family. In the absence of her husband, the wife assumes the role of leader in the house. Leadership in Islam, is not a matter of grabbing power but essentially serving Allah (swt) through the implementation of His commands in all aspects of life.

Since we are going to dwell on this subject for the next nine weeks, I need you to think and answer this question:

* Besides our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who is the best leader that we know so far, can you name me another good leader that you know of and why you say so? Do some research if you are not sure who that person is.

Good Luck everyone and see you next week :-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I LOVE YOU - It's easier to say it when we were younger..

Salam everyone,

Today, I feel so blessed. My life is so wonderful and thank you God for all the great things you have bestowed upon me. Yesterday, while I was brisk walking at the lake near my house, I realized how wonderful it was to be able to walk, run and enjoy the scenery. can sometimes I take things for granted....
Earlier in the afternoon, I took my daughter to my office. As I was busy doing my work, she was busy pasting little pieces of paper on my table.

She said "JAngan tengok Ibu...Nanti dah siap boleh..hehehe." She asked me not to look at what she was doing.
And so I kept to my promise til the end. And as usual, when it's time to go home, I forgot what was the big 'project' all about until I entered my room today...

I think pictures speak louder than words..So,you can see for yourself..the younger we are, the easier it is to express ourselves. I wonder if I would be able to hear this (or see it) from her when she gets older...when she leaves for college...or when she leaves the house to have her own family.....

What about you my students? When was the last time you said these three magical words to your mum or dad?
If it has been long enough that they have not heard it from you...well, why don't you grab the phone and say it..... before it is too late.

I love you.