Saturday, November 20, 2010

English Reading Program

Center for Languages and Pre-University Academic Development(CELPAD) IIUM Kuantan Campus will organize English Reading Program on 24th November 2010 (Wednesday) at Kulliyyah of Science,IIUM Kuantan Campus. This program is open for primary & secondary school students. For those who are interested to join this program, please contact Miss Intan at 09-571 6400(ext. 2121) or 013-616 5453 latest by 23rd November 2010.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CCLM Leadership and Management Class SOS!

Dear students,

Our class will be held tommorrow at 5-6.30 p.m. It is very important and will be the final one before your EID break.I will also brief you on your final task which will be evaluated by external lecturers.
So, do come if you are still in campus :-)

Thank you.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too much & too little TIME is NOT good.

Dear all..

I'm now sitting at Taj with my son. We have a late lunch cause I just finished class with the dentistry students. I am not going to edit this entry since it is going to be a quick one. I decide to share with you this uncomfortable feeling that I have inside me which is "boredom".
How can I experience this in the midst of my crazy schedule??????
I ponder upon this question again and again....staring at the ceiling before I go to bed, while driving, on the way to class, while eating...and I couldnt find an answer...until I noticed something..
Perhaps because I don't have a CLEAR direction of where I am heading.
Well, don't get me wrong! I do have my list of responsiilities piling up but this 'direction' has now been missing for the past one month! Last year...the aims were to move into my new house and present my paper in Spain. After I have succesfully achieved that, I didnt have NEW aims. So I ended up not being challenged, doing mundane everyday tasks which eventually lead me to BOREDOM.
How can someone feel bored when he/she is sooo busy?
Yes, you is like going through the SAME roller-coaster ride and there seems to be no more surprises ahead. It's a lesser challenge and gosh now I know why I am BORED!

You see, I have learned that to be an effective person, I need to be PROACTIVE. To react rather that being reacted upon. Which means I should have a clear mission and vision of what I would like to achieve in my personal agenda!
But having goals will lead me to another problem. I have to work on it!! No wonder people avoid themselves from having goals. Perhaps that is the reason why we will end up with having too much time doing NOTHING or too LITTLE time fulfilling mundane tasks!
Whatever it is, I am glad I know what is happening to me now. So, I MUST finish writing my book by this year. Perhaps October?? HUAhhhh!!!
What about you my dear students. I hope improving your English is included in your personal agenda list.I think you know this. Those who read more (not academic materials) will write better in the long run.

Take care.

Friday, July 30, 2010

CCLM2051K-Leadership and Management

Salam everyone,
It was wonderful to meet all of you for the first time last Friday evening.
Are you excited about this course???
What does leadership mean?
Well, leadership in Islam is a trust(amanah).
According to the Prophet(saw), Muslims must appoint a leader during a trip, select a leader (imam) to lead the prayer, and choose a leader for other group activities. In the family unit, the husband is the leader of his family. In the absence of her husband, the wife assumes the role of leader in the house. Leadership in Islam, is not a matter of grabbing power but essentially serving Allah (swt) through the implementation of His commands in all aspects of life.

Since we are going to dwell on this subject for the next nine weeks, I need you to think and answer this question:

* Besides our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who is the best leader that we know so far, can you name me another good leader that you know of and why you say so? Do some research if you are not sure who that person is.

Good Luck everyone and see you next week :-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I LOVE YOU - It's easier to say it when we were younger..

Salam everyone,

Today, I feel so blessed. My life is so wonderful and thank you God for all the great things you have bestowed upon me. Yesterday, while I was brisk walking at the lake near my house, I realized how wonderful it was to be able to walk, run and enjoy the scenery. can sometimes I take things for granted....
Earlier in the afternoon, I took my daughter to my office. As I was busy doing my work, she was busy pasting little pieces of paper on my table.

She said "JAngan tengok Ibu...Nanti dah siap boleh..hehehe." She asked me not to look at what she was doing.
And so I kept to my promise til the end. And as usual, when it's time to go home, I forgot what was the big 'project' all about until I entered my room today...

I think pictures speak louder than words..So,you can see for yourself..the younger we are, the easier it is to express ourselves. I wonder if I would be able to hear this (or see it) from her when she gets older...when she leaves for college...or when she leaves the house to have her own family.....

What about you my students? When was the last time you said these three magical words to your mum or dad?
If it has been long enough that they have not heard it from you...well, why don't you grab the phone and say it..... before it is too late.

I love you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I LOVE YOU - Say it before it's too late 2

Salam everyone,

I think this is the second entry of the same topic that I wrote quite sometime ago.
Here is the story.

I was very excited. My cousins and family from Spore will be driving down to Kuantan to visit our new house. Best of all, my aunt whom I had visited in ICU at Tan Tock Seng Hospital last year will be joining us.
She arrived on the 4th of June in her wheelchair via Firefly. When I greeted her at the Sultan Ahmad Airport Kuantan, I was smiling ear to ear, trying to control my tears of joy. "She finally made it" - I sighed. Her grandchildren were all very excited and asked me what was the plan like for them throughout the 3 days visit. I told them, there are so many activities that Kuantan has to offer. We have beautiful sandy beach, an esplanade along the Kuantan river and also the majestic Sg Pandan waterfall. There are also three cinemas and two big malls in Kuantan. RM6-RM10 cinema ticket per entry for my cousins are way too cheap when they convert the Spore Dollar into RM. There are hardly pirated DVD's in spore and so to watch a movie with SG10 compared to our ticket, made them crazzy over the idea of having a marathon movie episode.
On the 5th of June, we had dinner with the whole clan at my place. 7 Singapore cars with almost 50 of us altogether having fun, chatting, giggling while exchanging stories. My aunt was there too, observing but she was quite weak as she had started to have series of vommitting. She had not been well prior to coming here but was adamant enough to proceed with the trip. Because she had her medication with her, we thought she would eventually recover....
On Sunday morning I sent them back to the airport and at the check-in counter, I hugged her tight and whispered "Terima kasih cik sebab sudi datang. Saya nak makcik tahu, saya sayang makcik". I told her that I love her so much and gently kissed her on her cheeks and forehead. Gosh..she looked very much like my belated father. Everytime she stared at me, I could feel my father's presence.
At the departure gate, again I told her how much I love her and that I would be meeting her again. Little did I realize that I was going to meet her , sooner that what I had expected..
How true.....
Three days later, I received the news that she passed away on the way to the hospital.
Devastated, we drove down to Singapore, only three days after her visit to Kuantan. Her daughter told me later that it was her wish to visit me under any circumstances..

Bathing her (mandi jenazah) was the most touching moment. In that instant, I saw a woman who had lived her life to the fullest, contributing in whatever way she could to her family and loved ones. She had a tremendously kind heart and I would definitely miss her. All of us will. And when I left Singapore, I looked at my children and wonder whether they would miss me as much as I do towards my aunt. The time and love that she shared when I was young had created this feeling that I have now. How true..what we sincerely give...we will definitely get back....(Insya-Allah).

Al-fatihah to my beloved makcik, Hajjah Juriah binti Ahmad.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

If you are a football fan and happen to be in Barcelona, you can not miss Barca.

Camp Nou is one of the greatest stadiums in world football. Since FC Barcelona was founded, great players have created historic moments in its 100,000 capacity stadium. I experienced the magic of this stadium with the Camp Nou Tour. It cost me 17 Euro per entry. I also went to the FCB Megastore. Watching the historical football moments on the giant screens was such a thrill. I could feel the adrenalin rush, excitement and joy as I witnessed mesmerizing shots..truly football talent and skills at its best!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Recycle! (and de-clutter our lives!)


Thank you for visiting my blog. Lately I have been busy moving into my new house. To Mac, I am the one who is honored to share your piece of writing on 'True Love' in my previous entry. Today I shall share my experience giving away some of the stuff which had been in my possession for the past ten years. Yup! Ten long years cause I'm such a
chipmunk! Little did I realize that I was cluttering my house with all these 'junk'. And so the shift to my new house was a liberating experience throwing away stuff that shouldn't be in my possession any longer. The stuff in a way represent the many details of my life which I now strive to lead a simpler and and meaningful one instead.I now know that my car weigh between 1,180 kg - 1,200 kg after going on the massive weighing scale and I broke the record of 150 kg of paper! 1 kg is equal to 2o cents which means that I received RM30 cash. On the way back, I filled my tank RM20 and bought 2 cans of 100+ & mineral water since the whether was scorching hot! When I reached home, what a sigh of relief to see the big space I now own after discarding the unwanted items. Wow..I thought only old people like to keep things. Aha! This experience also taught me the value of giving because some of these items were dear to me and I wasn't ready to 'let go!But you know what? Giving away things can be liberating and will lift the burden of not knowing when you are going to use them. I also discarded items which are redundant. There you go.Life can be simpler if we just know what we need most and not to ponder too much on the details. Learn from men. No wonder they forgive and forget easily compared to that so?? Gudnite all!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

True Love - According to Maclean Patrick

Dear all..
I was trying to continue a piece of writing that I had left 6 months ago. It was supposed to be sent in by February but I have been postponing it til now. I am, guilty as charged. Now, I have a problem. Whenever I write, it seems that I need a period of warming up and I work in a connected chain of thoughts. If it stopped midway, I faced difficulty going back to that 'moment' of writing. Shakespeare once said " Words, words, words. Once I had a gift. I've lost my gift. As if the organ of my imagination has dried up, as if the proud towers of my ginuses collapse". In the midst of agony, I suddenly remembered my writer friend Mac who came down all the way from Kuching, Sarawak last month. Mac has written two novels with Alaf 21. He stayed in Kuantan for a couple of days and we had the opportunity to give a talk at Sek Men Agama Al-Ehsan, Kuantan. His session was on creative writing while mine was on extensive reading. It was great. We talked to about 100 students. Mac's subject was on how to start writing and mine was on how to start selecting reading materials. Before he left Kuantan, he scribbled an anecdote of what love is while waiting for me to send him to the bus station. It was beautiful and I thought I should share it with you:

What is TRUE LOVE?

"TRUE LOVE is when you can still love someone at their most horrible self, at their dumbnest moment, weakest point"

What is INTIMACY then?
"The art of effortless communication"

Here is the story:

There is a tree in a valley, where the lily grows and a gushing brook babbles. A place where butterflies meet every April and swallows return every October. And on most summer nights, the fire-flies would dance among it's branches.
And underneath this tree there is a small hut, with roofs made of straw and windows of round barrels. A simple dwelling for a complicated man. The man called The Wise.
A man of many tongues, a man who measured the moon's walk as it travelled form east to west; and who captured the morning rays in a stunted glass jar.A sage. A philosopher. A man with a visitor. She came the day after. He was clearing his library of ancient books and as he marvelled at the empty shelves, he heard a knock and a rat-tat-tat.
"Come in," he bellowed. The door slightly opened. "Well, open it wider or else just keep the door close," he raised his voice, annoyed at his visitor. She stepped into the hut and politely stood before him.
"What do you want to ask me?" He asked as he turned his back to her. "How do you know, I wanted to ask a question?" she quipped. "The reason most people seek me out. And you may ask more than just one question. You do have a few questions right?" She could not hide her surprise. "Why? I was meaning to ask you a few questions. How did you know?"
"Just ask me your questions." He commanded.
She drew her breath and while tucking a stray hair behind her ear she began to speak.
"What is TRUE LOVE?" The man turned and in a swift glance, took note of her feet, arms and face. Then, he slowly walked around her, sniffing her clothes as he walked. "TRUE LOVE is when you can be a devil and someone would still love you and offer you the grace and mercy of an angel". The old man paused, waiting for the next question.
"Why do people search for true love?"
Suddenly the old man became quite angry.
"It is not LOVE that they seek. It is INTIMACY with the person they love. It is not the LOST of love that they fear but the lost of INTIMACY." The young woman held her breath. She wanted to know more.
"What then is the meaning of life?"
"To find one's self in the bigger scheme of things. All the religions in the world teach us this."
"Is it that hard to attain?" She rushed to the next question.
"No. But we are too busy defining life to really live life. We define and rationalize and seek to explain. When all that is needed is to live it. We look at the sea and describe it's waters, the hue of colours, the varst stretch of sand and matter of it's beauty yet we stop ourselves from swimming in it. Because true joy is in the swimming. In allowing the sea to envelope us and make us one with it." Her eyes swelled with tears. She was trying to hold herself back.
"Is this the same with love?"
"Yes. We explain it and rationalize it; but fail to be involved with it."

- The End-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TESOL-Spain 33rd Conference (University of LIeida, Spain)

Dear all,

I was going through my photos in Spain and I realized that I didn't talk much about my conference. Furthermore, a friend commented on whether I actually went to Spain for a holiday or for other matters. Hem...
So, I have decided to upload some of the photos at the conference itself.
It was my first International conference (hopefully not the last hehe). The paper took me quite sometime to finish even though the title technically sounds simple. I ended up 25 pages together with the handouts for the participants. I think my literature review was a bit too much for a demonstration type paper. Initially, my dean was looking for the research part which was obviously limited to only one page (since it is not research based).
No matter how small the magnitude or how humble it was, I gained experience in preparing a demonstration type of paper.I am now able to assist my colleagues who are interested to try out this type of presentation. Previously, I was quite annoyed when I tried to refer to those who have presented and their answers were something like "Alah...buat aje...tak susah" "cerita aje what you want to say" etc2... until a Junior lecturer who was kind enough to show me her own full paper (thank you so much Wan Puteri).
So, there you go. Not everyone is willing to give a helping hand even though they have done it themselves.
Sometimes, I think that this 'sharing of knowledge' is not popularly practiced in our culture.Isn't sharing and learning from each other will turn us into a stronger and respectful nation? What's the point of keeping things to ourselves?
One lady lecturer from Canada who had actually written books herself attended my session. I wonder why. She was so humble and added some important insights into my subject matter.

I just love the experience I had.
It added value to my professional growth. This is what I called, learning by doing.
And I hope this spirit stays with me throughout my career.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exam Results - Only YOU can stop yourself on a permanent basis.

Salam everyone!

I opened my blog this morning and's been quite sometime since I last wrote something. Well, this is primarily due to the enormous marking, keying in and finally abled to confirm your marks. Yes, we spent almost two weeks before we could finalize your grades. I thought I should share some of the experience I went through..i.e. how I felt when I was going through your scripts. I hope this sharing would help you in a long run rather than upsetting your holiday :-)

It seems that your language ability is stopping you from scoring my papers. You have all the ideas but failed to express or interpret them especially in your argumentative essay (EAP)and proposals (EOP). Even your letter of complaint left us wondering what went wrong with the 5C's that we have taught you so far. FYI, after we had completed marking, we spent hours looking at border line cases. We went through the scripts again and again, trying to find answers which would move you to one band higher.
Yes, we did that because we love and care about you. We understand how difficult it is to study and score during exams because we went through the same process ourselves. But here is the thing. There were a few that we couldn't possibly help because the answers were just way below the requirement. For those that we managed to upgrade, please don't be too complacent with what you have achieved. You can not always base on luck.

Here's the rub. In life, we must constantly upgrade ourselves regardless of exams. Exam is purely a mechanism to test our knowledge and abilities. However, we are responsible of your own standards. Therefore, do it on an ongoing basis especially when it comes to English.

There are a lot of people out there that can STOP you temporarily, but only YOU can stop yourself on a permanent basis. I got this from Zig Ziglar. Even our prophet would want all of us to upgrade ourselves, don't you agree?

And so, during this holiday, please consider this activity seriously - READ a lot.
Read whatever interest you and find the PLEASURE in it. InsyAllah, in the long run, you will reap what you have sown.

Remember dear, English language is not a subject you learn in one semester. It takes time to develop the proficiency and the good news is, you can acquire it in a fun way if you HAVE the right ATTITUDE.

I love you all and have a great holiday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Humbling Experience

Dear all,

I believe we have to work and play hard. 
We have to experience life and live it to the fullest.To work as if we are going to live long, and to pray as if we are going to die tomorrow.

When I was in Tarragona, a place they called the Balcony of the Mediterranean, I heard a faint voice of someone reciting Quran after Suboh in my next room. I was so surprised. In my four days in Spain, there were hardly Muslims around us. Therefore, chances of hearing someone reciting the words of God in a hotel room in Spain was indeed very slim. We listened harder. The recitation was steady and composed. It made us longed to hear more. It made us feel safe and secure..

(To be continued)

God Almighty

Dear all,

I was still in Spain when I wrote this entry. Truly humbled with the experience I was in. Amazed by the beauty of it.
I wish you too will be able to travel far someday. Not to show off to others that you have been to other places. But to realize how beautiful is the creation of God, the Almighty. To enable us to appreciate our country more because we come to understand that nothing in this world is perfect. And to know that life has a lot more to offer other than wealth.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From Spain with Love

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tired of exams?Think are indeed lucky!

Dear all,

I was trying very hard to finish my power point presentation for my upcoming conference and yet I failed to do so. After spending days trying to finish my workload and personal errands, I have to admit, I am now running out of passion to finish this last piece of work.
I needed inspiration...
Or perhaps I have already started missing you guys hehehe :-)
Suddenly I remembered my blog which I have personally dedicated to all of you.
And so, tonight I shall send in an entry before my departure day.
Here it goes.

I want you to know that I totally understand your plight.
Your endless assignments, quizzes and tests are killing your spirits, burning your creative minds while in the pursuit of your first undergraduate degree.
I am not sure whether it is due to the type of courses that you are in (which is science based)but believe me dear..... SEIZE THIS MOMENT .....and live every minute of it.

Surprise? Why do I say so? Because trust me, what you are experiencing now will never come twice in your life (unless of course, you pursue your study to a higher level).
Even that wont be the same. Cause at that time, the challenge is even greater with your commitment to your family and working life.
This is indeed the best time of your life. In the spirit of EAP, (you know what I mean)
these are my arguments hehehehehe.
Firstly, no matter how tired you are, you can simply doze off. You don't have to worry whether your child will later wake you up from your slumber cause he or she is thirst for milk.
Second, you don't have to deal with the load of laundry which will then require you to iron, fold and keep them in three perhaps four separate drawers.
Third, thank God you don't have a refrigerator to manage in order to make sure there is enough food for everyone in a family. Whether your sauce, eggs or fresh vegetables have run out, this is still non of your business.
Fourth, you wont experience moments like this. You are about to OPEN that lecture notes or reference book, when suddenly the baby will scream for attention or it is time to change a wet nappy.Hem.........what do you think? Enough arguments guys?? Any counter-argument?

Therefore, study hard and don't grumble.
Remain steady til the finishing line.
Because where you ARE right now, would ONE day be, one of the best time in your life! Cheers.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bicycle - Book Review by Nurul Jannah bt Ahmad Ghulamuddin

Nurul Jannah bt Ahmad Ghulamuddin
Mind Your English Class `10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Do You Do When You Are Rejected?

Dear all..

A few months ago a friend called mentioning she was rejected by someone special in her life.
Special here means someone whom she likes, feel happy with and hope to pursue to a more serious relationship.
You see, I am not an expert in handling rejections. Therefore, I could only give her advice based on my past experiences.... which not necessary had helped her in any way.
True enough...a week ago she still sounded bad, her self-esteem was still low and God knows what other 'damages' had occurred in this very nice person. She has a beautiful soul to me but she fails to see that in her.

It dawn on me that what she really needs is to see things more clearly in order for her to move on with her life. Without proper guidance, this feeling of rejection will 'linger' for a long time and for some, the rest of their lives....

You see, what is unfair is that, the person who CAUSED the rejection is not (again Im assuming) emotionally devastated as she is. He might be continuing his life as usual as if nothing happens (you know what I mean?). If Dr.Mahathir once mentioned "Melayu mudah lupa" , I would rephrase (in this case), "Lelaki mudah lupa" (Ampunkan patik..)

Well, people say that it is a bit 'inappropriate' for teachers to discuss this matter. However, I beg to differ. I suppose, we need to talk this thing out because it is REAL, it happens to everyone in the process of growing up and might happen again even after you pass that supposedly 'teenage life'.

Feeling 'rejected' is REAL. Let us not deny that. It seems trivial for 'outsiders' but for those who experience it (or shall I call victims) will have to face it every other day thinking what went wrong and trying to find answers to the predicament.

Because I have a class to attend tonight and phew this is such a crazy week, I shall continue this soon. Meanwhile, if you have any tips or advice on this matter, feel free to drop your comment. I believe this girl and many more out there need as much help as possible to be back on their feet.

It is definitely NOT EASY to be in their shoes.It is easier said then done. However, I hope they will have the courage to move on and continue with this beautiful life that God has given us.

Take care.

Friday, February 19, 2010

CCFM 2052K - Individual Task.


Please understand the question that you wish to attempt.
Choose ONE only and present it well.

1. What do you understand by Islamic marriage?

2. Why is religiosity of the spouse the most significant element in Islam?

3. What steps must be taken in order to ensure protection of a marriage tie?

4.What factors do you think lead to conflicts in marriage?

5."Marriage is a field of battle, and not bed of roses" - Robert Louis Stevenson.
Do you agree with the quotation?

6.What are the challenges of parenting in the modern time?

Good luck!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Anything to Make Them Happy

Dear all...

It has been another relaxing holiday amidst finishing work from home. I took my two kids to Gambang Waterpark which is about 35 km from Kuantan. I actually hate big crowd. I appreciate peace and calmness but for the kids, I would give it a try. When we arrived, true

enough, the crowd gave me a second thought ,but I would always try not to disappoint my kids."Well, today is YOUR DAY fellas!" I quipped.

Teh is almost 8 and Shafiq is already 13. They would survive in that close to 10,000 crowd that day! When I thought there were no smaller kids around, I was wrong! My God there were even babies in that huge crowd! Well, I was observing these `courageous' parents. They actually took their kids out when it was obvious that the best thing to do was stay at home.

Everywhere you go during this peak season, you have to queue. Yup! I did! Just to get the food, I had to queue from 2.30 - 4.30 pm. How do I know this? They have a big clock in front of the penguin express counter (so much of an express counter!). My swimming attire which was initially wet, dried as I reached half-way through the line. It was a disaster but for my kids, I actually paved my way while teh and I had spelling test and maths quiz while in line. Along the people who were queueing up were parents carrying babies and I thought, my predicament was not that bad after all! And so we got our food at 4.30, ate it like we had never seen food for a week and quickly ran to the long rides and had fun til the waterpark gave the announcement that it would close at 5.45pm. Close to 6 p.m. I asked one of the lifeguards to take a photo of us - when everything was quiet and back to normal.

Well, there are so much things to share people but the reason why Im writing this is I think, parents who spend time with their children are those who understand and willing to sacrifice to go the extra mile to fulfill their children's interests. If it is not for the children, what on earth are we doing during our holiday, going through the crowd and had to withstand all the odd moments. If you were married one day and had kids, just bring them out regardless of the crowd. It is rare that your holidays will coincide with the school holidays which mean if you are so particular about the crowd, you will miss those precious moments in their lifetime. Just blend in the crowd, be happy for them and who knows you will end up like me smiling all the way home cause I got to be a little kid again.hehe

Friday, February 12, 2010

What must couples do when they face problems in marriage?- CCFM 2052 (3rd entry)

Dear students...

I believe we had a very important lecture on this topic last thursday. The week before, your dramatization on the marriage problems were really fantastic! You really made me feel sooo proud!!!! Some of you were able to 'see' things ahead of time.
Well, this is what this course is about. It is to prepare yourselves to that very important phase in your lives. Marriage is a phase that will be the ultimate test in our lives. People who dont go through it wont understand. Because in marriage, we are bound to have conflicts. It is possible for a man and woman to enter into a union with good intentions yet their personalities and likes do not coincide with one another.

After we have gone through that 'magical' first year, reality starts sinking in. Ive read in the readers digest before that the 'magical chemistry' would only last for 12 months! Hem.....
Later, all the strength and weaknesses from both sides will be exposed. Therefore, it is time to talk about the implications of marital conflict. How it can affect anyone at personal level, his/her professional growth and their families .

I also told you of how Islam encourages the party to resolve conflicts in marriage in the best possible way first before ending it. Divorce (according to the book I read) is similar to a painful surgery; " the sane human being endures the pains of his wound, even an amputation, in order to protect the remaining parts of the body to keep away greater injury."

Divorce is permissible in Islam in order to remove the harm from one of the two spouses. But we have to understand that Islam does not encourage divorce. Therefore, this entry is for my CCFM 2052k students and anyone out there who wish to give any comment on this issue. You can add in any anecdotes(short stories) related to this topics, or quotes on what couples should do to overcome conflicts.

I can sense that all these issues are now becoming more real to you.

I take this opportunity to salute all single mothers (and fathers) who strive to raise their children with dignity. I pray that God will continue to give you the strength to go on.
YOU are indeed SPECIAL and STRONG.
May Allah bless all of you.

Pride & Prejudice - Book Review By Aliff Khalid Bin Amran

Aliff Khalid Bin Amran
Mind Your English Class`10