Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too much & too little TIME is NOT good.

Dear all..

I'm now sitting at Taj with my son. We have a late lunch cause I just finished class with the dentistry students. I am not going to edit this entry since it is going to be a quick one. I decide to share with you this uncomfortable feeling that I have inside me which is "boredom".
How can I experience this in the midst of my crazy schedule??????
I ponder upon this question again and again....staring at the ceiling before I go to bed, while driving, on the way to class, while eating...and I couldnt find an answer...until I noticed something..
Perhaps because I don't have a CLEAR direction of where I am heading.
Well, don't get me wrong! I do have my list of responsiilities piling up but this 'direction' has now been missing for the past one month! Last year...the aims were to move into my new house and present my paper in Spain. After I have succesfully achieved that, I didnt have NEW aims. So I ended up not being challenged, doing mundane everyday tasks which eventually lead me to BOREDOM.
How can someone feel bored when he/she is sooo busy?
Yes, you is like going through the SAME roller-coaster ride and there seems to be no more surprises ahead. It's a lesser challenge and gosh now I know why I am BORED!

You see, I have learned that to be an effective person, I need to be PROACTIVE. To react rather that being reacted upon. Which means I should have a clear mission and vision of what I would like to achieve in my personal agenda!
But having goals will lead me to another problem. I have to work on it!! No wonder people avoid themselves from having goals. Perhaps that is the reason why we will end up with having too much time doing NOTHING or too LITTLE time fulfilling mundane tasks!
Whatever it is, I am glad I know what is happening to me now. So, I MUST finish writing my book by this year. Perhaps October?? HUAhhhh!!!
What about you my dear students. I hope improving your English is included in your personal agenda list.I think you know this. Those who read more (not academic materials) will write better in the long run.

Take care.


nur afzan`` said...


yes,improving my english is one of my agenda list,but madam..i have one BIG problem.i am afraid to speak in front of people..i always practice to speak in front of the mirror but it not much help me.when i am in front of the crowd,pop!!all my ideas in my mind dissapeared..

rahmdzey said...

Salam. i agreed with you madam. i hope my agenda will be success but to be good presenter in english is a very tough challenge. anyway, i think i can.he3 _rahmdzey,ECS student,IIUM,Kuantan.

nurhanim said...

Of course madam..Improving English always becomes one of my agenda for each semester especially during this final year. I always think about what you had said during EAP class last semester. I always ask myself how I can face a career world if I am not good in English. I realize my responsibility towards improving my English & I will try my best..insyaAllah..