Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Recycle! (and de-clutter our lives!)


Thank you for visiting my blog. Lately I have been busy moving into my new house. To Mac, I am the one who is honored to share your piece of writing on 'True Love' in my previous entry. Today I shall share my experience giving away some of the stuff which had been in my possession for the past ten years. Yup! Ten long years cause I'm such a
chipmunk! Little did I realize that I was cluttering my house with all these 'junk'. And so the shift to my new house was a liberating experience throwing away stuff that shouldn't be in my possession any longer. The stuff in a way represent the many details of my life which I now strive to lead a simpler and and meaningful one instead.I now know that my car weigh between 1,180 kg - 1,200 kg after going on the massive weighing scale and I broke the record of 150 kg of paper! 1 kg is equal to 2o cents which means that I received RM30 cash. On the way back, I filled my tank RM20 and bought 2 cans of 100+ & mineral water since the whether was scorching hot! When I reached home, what a sigh of relief to see the big space I now own after discarding the unwanted items. Wow..I thought only old people like to keep things. Aha! This experience also taught me the value of giving because some of these items were dear to me and I wasn't ready to 'let go!But you know what? Giving away things can be liberating and will lift the burden of not knowing when you are going to use them. I also discarded items which are redundant. There you go.Life can be simpler if we just know what we need most and not to ponder too much on the details. Learn from men. No wonder they forgive and forget easily compared to that so?? Gudnite all!