Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exam Results - Only YOU can stop yourself on a permanent basis.

Salam everyone!

I opened my blog this morning and's been quite sometime since I last wrote something. Well, this is primarily due to the enormous marking, keying in and finally abled to confirm your marks. Yes, we spent almost two weeks before we could finalize your grades. I thought I should share some of the experience I went through..i.e. how I felt when I was going through your scripts. I hope this sharing would help you in a long run rather than upsetting your holiday :-)

It seems that your language ability is stopping you from scoring my papers. You have all the ideas but failed to express or interpret them especially in your argumentative essay (EAP)and proposals (EOP). Even your letter of complaint left us wondering what went wrong with the 5C's that we have taught you so far. FYI, after we had completed marking, we spent hours looking at border line cases. We went through the scripts again and again, trying to find answers which would move you to one band higher.
Yes, we did that because we love and care about you. We understand how difficult it is to study and score during exams because we went through the same process ourselves. But here is the thing. There were a few that we couldn't possibly help because the answers were just way below the requirement. For those that we managed to upgrade, please don't be too complacent with what you have achieved. You can not always base on luck.

Here's the rub. In life, we must constantly upgrade ourselves regardless of exams. Exam is purely a mechanism to test our knowledge and abilities. However, we are responsible of your own standards. Therefore, do it on an ongoing basis especially when it comes to English.

There are a lot of people out there that can STOP you temporarily, but only YOU can stop yourself on a permanent basis. I got this from Zig Ziglar. Even our prophet would want all of us to upgrade ourselves, don't you agree?

And so, during this holiday, please consider this activity seriously - READ a lot.
Read whatever interest you and find the PLEASURE in it. InsyAllah, in the long run, you will reap what you have sown.

Remember dear, English language is not a subject you learn in one semester. It takes time to develop the proficiency and the good news is, you can acquire it in a fun way if you HAVE the right ATTITUDE.

I love you all and have a great holiday!


nasihin seth said...

the time was very limited, n i spent too much time on writing letters..i guess i've done quite badly :(

btw, madam, i've sent u an email attached with our class' awesome vacation.. remember when u asked me in the office? before u went to spain.. not sure if u have received it..i u have, hope u like it ;)

Anonymous said...

thanx madam for reminding me that to be good in english, it takes times and must be continously..i love to read english novels but it's very hard for me to speak in english..:(

Anonymous said...

mdm norhayati, i truly appreciate what you have done for us despite our lack in writing:)
-Azra LE4300

Anonymous said...

salam madam,
i'm agree with u about to improve english language,we need to READ a lot..
frankly,i dont really like or enjoy reading any kind of english materials.
however,when i entered IIUM,i have to learn to like and enjoy READing it because all of our notes and lectures are using english language.
then,i realized how much my english language improve commpared to before.
perhaps i still lack in this subject but one thing that i know now,I START TO LOVE IT and i know this feeling will grow up after reading this post.thanks madam.

~Siti Khairunnisa Adnan.LE4300k~