Thursday, April 29, 2010

Class of Spm Leaver`s 2010 (with Maclean Patrick)


Anonymous said...

i like it,miss all of u,thank you madam....:)

fatimah,peace no war:P

fatin faisal said...

nice edit!! i loike..
miss all!! =D

Anonymous said...

sorry madam.
i submit it late :D

Anonymous said...

really miss the w0nderful m0ments 0f us s0 much.. credit t0 'mr.technician' f0r the ph0t0 (^_^)

Maclean Patrick said...

Gosh, I miss all you guys. I would be back in Kuantan, you could say; I have fallen in love with the people and the beach. Yes, I'm a beach bum on a good day.:)