Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Dream Vacation

To my dear EOP students (Sem 1, 2012/2013),

You have presented really well (beyond my expectations!) Therefore, I feel the need to preserve your presentations in my blog.  I invite all of you to express yourselves in words - describe the wonderful places that you have enthusiastically  presented in class.
The floor is now yours :)


zahirrah said...

salam all crazy readers! my dream vacation would be to go to Kashmir. wondering why Kashmir?? It has been my dream since my childhood time because...this paradise is where I came from!. Yes, I have Pakistani blood running in my veins. Cool isn't it :P We the whole family has never been there including my mom even though her parents was born there. It has been our (me and my siblings) chimera when we were young and now since all of us already grown up, so it has been our responsibility to bring my mom to visit her hometown (of course + family holiday yo!) hehehe..ameen~~ The only thing that I can say about Kashmir is that IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL and it is the only part of Pakistan that experience 4 seasons!! You will feel like you are at home because the people are friendly (take me as example :D), the food is nice and you are already familiar with that, and some of them can even speak Malay! so spare your money and time and go visit Kashmir. There are other places that you can visit other than what I displayed in my slides. Have a nice 'googling' moment and chowwww!! (^_^)V

Anonymous said...

Salam y'all. This was my presentation during class.

The place that I've chosen was Jeju island, South Korea. I chose this place because I've been there and it was such a magnificent experience for me.

There aren't any words in the slides, so let me just give you a brief description of the place. I went there during the summer, however, the weather in Jeju is still chilly compared to Seoul. It was wet and windy.

Jeju has a lot of natural and cultural landmarks that you may visit. The sceneries are breathtaking and there are many interesting destinations to go. A couple of days spent in Jeju won't be enough.

The food is splendid. The food products are much more tastier than any other places considering that it is an island with loads of fresh seafood. Also, volcanic soil is much more fertile thus can supply the best produce in South Korea.

Enough said, words are not enough to describe the wonderful and mesmerizing trip that I had. You just have to experience them yourself.

See you in Jeju! (^_^)

Fairuzzaidah said...

0828732 Fairuzzaidah Haderi-Bora Bora

My dream vacation...BORA BORA ISLAND...

I choose Bora Bora Island because I'm a nature lover(expecially beach & sea)..I feel relax when I breath in the clean air around the beach...

Actually, Bora Bora is located in French Polinesia..It's an island that surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef and in the center of the island are remnants of an extinct volcano, rising to the peaks of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu.

Bora Bora abounds with luxurious resorts, sunny skies, warm waters, and friendly locals.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy — kayaking, water and jet skiing, boating excursions,snorkelling and scuba diving.

Luxurious and expansive!!
I hope I can reach here one day...

Nur Syahida said...

Salam..The place that I've chosen was Dubai. It's one of the seven emirates that make up United Arab Emirates (UAE).

If there is claim that Islamic country are poor and backward, then Dubai is the answer!

Dubai is the home of skyscrapers, best samples of modern architecture.

Also, Dubai is a Shopper’s Paradise, as this tiny emirate is a duty free zone. It has recently exploded onto the world market as a top tourist & business destination. So, rightly it has groomed itself to be the most exciting place for the modern traveler.

If you consider Dubai is a country rich in natural resources, then the impression you are depressed. Because of Dubai's main income is not derived from oil and other natural resources, but Dubai is looking for other sources of income are expected to increase in various sectors, particularly in the business sector,economy, housing, and financial sectors other than tourism. So, Let exploring Dubai with me..


Afi Noor said...

Salam and may peace be with you!

Have you ever thought of flying off to a far distant land and discover its hidden paradise? If you wish to go where the dinosaurs used to roam, where Madonna begged the country not to cry (Evita reference), and an abundance of pizza, then Patagonia of Argentina is the place to go!

My female friend went on a solo trip to Argentina recently, returned in one piece and with countless great memories. Patagonia is well known for its gorgeous landscape and for housing the world's longest continental range, Andes range.

In the slides, I focused on two places: Ushuaia and Perito Moreno. Ushuaia, also known as the 'end of the world', is the last port before one sails off to Antarctica. Here you can witness exotic birds and sea lions, as well as have an awesome snow skiing time.

Perito Moreno, located in the Los Glaciares National Park, is one of nature's greatest magic on earth. It is a huge glacier that spans 30km along the river, and continuously expands 2cm every day. MasyAllah, isn't that amazing?

There are other beautiful places to hike and discover in Patagonia. Adventurous nature lovers will definitely have the best time here, especially following the dinosaur trail. The people are friendly and warm, plenty of ATMs around to survive (seriously), and a great place to appreciate Allah SWT's creation. The world is small enough for you to discover how large its beauty is.


naDia khairuDDin said...

Salam and good day everyone!

I'd like to share a place that I would like to go someday insyaAllah! It is quite far from here in Malaysia but for me it's worth it.

If you're a kind of person who likes adventure plus magnificent scenery, then I have the answer! :) Let's go to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia!

You'll find nothing else but wonderful creations of God in one huge park. What's so special about this park is that the lakes are arranged in cascades, the colour of the lakes can change from blue to green or even grey.

At the park, you'll find plenty of activities to do, ranging from light to more extreme activities. It's a very protected nature area that you would not want to miss! I hope I will be there someday. :)


aien_z said...

Salam dear bloggers and readers out there!

Have you had a dream vacation planned out in near future? I have! Though i must confess, the place where i decided to go to just recently becomes appealing to me!:)
Anyway, thank you Madam Yati for giving us the opportunity to present on dream vacation in class. You have paved the way to unlocking our deepest fantasies, of dreams to go travelling in foreign land. God's willing,maybe our wish will come true one day!

Enough with the babbles, let me share with you bits of my dream vacation, to a place called New Zealand.

Reasons why i would love to go to NZ(specifically Rotorua and Northland):
1)I am a nature's lover, and NZ is basking with nature's bounty! The sceneries are picturesque and very, very breath taking. I am looking forward to photo's taking over there (In the mean time, I'll work hard to buy my own DSLR, pray for me people!)
2) Rotorua, best known as geothermal wonderland for its share of geyser's, volcanic valley and hotsprings, will be a novel experience for me. We dont have that in Malaysia, and for that it shall be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a major turn-on indeed!
3) Skiing in Mount Ruapehu. Mark my word, every Malaysians long for snow experience, and Mt Ruapehu provides an outlet for that. Lets go skiing, snow boarding or have our first taste of snowball fight over there :)
4)The beauty of Northland totally bewitched me. I would love to go scuba diving in Poor Knight Islands, or simply laze around on beaches in Bay of Islands. Swimming with the dolphins is also an activity which I am dying to try, granted I made it to New Zealand first :D
4) Since NZ people are famed for their hospitality and friendliness, I am excited to make new friends over there.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for spending your time reading, and lets have a Kiwi Vacation!!!

Siti Norazah said...

Salam everyone..this is my slide presentation on Your Dream Vacation. My dream vacation would be Ireland!!The reason why I choose Ireland is because I am a big fan of PS I Love You, a movie that was filmed in Wicklow,Ireland.
Ireland is famous for it scenic countryside. While searching for places around Ireland, I realized that there are more to Ireland than Wicklow alone.
So, I have decided to choose Northern (Antrim) and Southern (Kerry)Ireland. These two places are combinations of architectural wonder and breathtaking scenery, reasons why I'm eager to go there. I hope can be there at least once in this lifetime..!!

norfazidah raub said...

Assalamualaikum everyone! This is my presentation about my Dream Vacation. The place that I've chosen is NORWAY! A country that considered as the best place for people to live in.

Why I choose Norway? It is because when I Googling and searching a place for my presentation, I realize that Norway is so beautiful and wild..hehe.. And for anyone who wish to see aurora..this is the best place to do so.. and I want to be go there too!

Anyone that likes adventure and skiing, this is the best place (see my slide =)) and you can discover the wonderful features of Norway there. Actually, there's lot of interesting places in Norway..and I believed that you will be amazed by the wilderness and beauty of NORWAY!! (^_____^)


Harir Al-Azraq said...

Salam, dear fellow readers. Mardhiah Mahada Ibrahim here.

You must be wondering why I chose Osaka as a dream place?

To be honest, I've been dreaming to go to Japan since I was a child.

I love all things about Japan; the culture, people, music, history, civilization, technology and even anime and mangas. Since Japan is a developed country, the life expenses must be high, so instead of choosing the capital city of Japan which is Tokyo, I decided to choose Osaka.

Osaka is well-known for its long history dated back to 1500 years ago as an aqua metropolis. The busy city with strong business establishment must be worthy to be visited; for shopping as well as for sightseeing.

I am a history person, so I definitely want to visit all the history places- the famous Osaka Castle Park, Osaka Museum of History, temples and shrines that have been registered as World Heritage Area and also museums of Instant Noodle and Matsushita Electric a.k.a Panasonic.

Much to your expectation, no matter in what season you're coming, a lot of events and festivals to be enjoyed; Cherry Blossom Viewing in spring, Naniwa-Yodo Firework Display in summer, Chrysanthemum Display in autumn and also the eye-catching Osaka Hikari-Renaissance of Light in winter. How eventful!

So, last but not least, I just throw a question for you here, 'Want to go to Osaka with me?' :)

Let's check it out.

Sheila Izaham said...

Salam everyone.

Let me share with you a little bit about Mauritius Island. I choose this place because I love sea and Mauritius is one of the best island in the world.

Many people think that Mauritius attraction is only because of the sea. Actually, there are so many interesting places that you should have a visit once you go there.

I was so impressed with a place called Seven Coloured Earth. It was a hill and there were seven different colours of soil which are red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, brown and green.

I hope that I will have an opportunity to go there someday. So, let us save money for our dream vacation :)


Ema Aling said...

Assalamualaikum everyone!

"If a honeymoon is meant to be a celebration of love in an intimate,secluded, and most importantly, beautiful setting, then the Maldives is the world’s best backdrop for all these things. There are endless ways to let the magic of the islands dazzle you on your holiday as a couple."

enough for the intro right? so my dream vacation that i wish i can go with my spouse(ehem) is belongs to MALDIVES!
There are plenty of reasons why i really want to go there. It is wonderful, romantic and the most important thing is it is easy to find halal foods there. In addition, there are various of activities that you can enjoy there and of course it will be more meaningful as u can enjoy those activities with your spouse. Do not worry if u do not know how to do diving since most of the chalets there will provide a professional diver to guide you.

so what are you waiting for? for those who are not getting married yet but it will be SOON, then this is the right time for you to consider MALDIVES as your honeymoon place! and for not-really-newly-wed(hihi) who already went to somewhere else for your honeymoon, then this amazing place can be your next honeymoon trip! Plan for it now and see u in MALDIVES! yeayy, thank you!

lets pictures speak for the beauty.


Unknown said...

Greetings everyone!
So this is the place that i've presented in the class. Why i choose Santorini? i think it's because it reminds me of this movie, "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" which most of the scenes were filmed there. The sunset view is soooo amazing i must say. and yes, for those who really enjoy taking photos like me, this is the place that you have to go! One more thing, i always wanted the house like that, with the cute blue little windows, which i think very cute and it looks like paintings in the pictures InsyaAllah, if i've chance to go to Santorini, i will definitely go with my loved ones one day:)

dippo said...

Assalamualaikum everyone..

The place that I've chosen was Beijing,China. I chose this place because I really want to visit The Great Wall of China. I want to see in my own eyes one of the seven wonders of the medieval world and one of mankind's greatest endeavors. Can you imagine you are hiking the wall and when you reach at the top you can see the beautiful scenery. Its very wonderful..Is it right?Besides that, there are many interesting and historical places in Beijing that you can visit such as forbidden city,summer palace and many more. . So,spend your money and time to visit Beijing because it does not take much money to go there..
"He who has not climbed the great wall is not a true man"

So here, I attach my slide and you can see some of the interesting places when you come to Beijing=)


Anonymous said...


Over three million foreigners exploring this country every year, no wonder that South Korea is one of the most visited countries in the world (Although this country is technically at war). What does Korea have that makes it such an international charmer?

Last summer holiday, I went to Seoul Korea with 12 of my good friends to explore the magnificent places that this Korean capital has to offer. It was a splendid vacation and I had so much fun in Seoul. So, I would like to share my memorable experiences there and places that you should visit if u go to Korea.

In the slides, there are 6 places that I highly recommend to visit. For the theme park lovers, Everland Resort is the place to go! Despite of its adrenaline rides, it also offers great sceneries. A Korean tour is never complete without dropping by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, DMZ. It is where you can learn the country’s history and how Korea divided into North and South Korea.

If you are a nature lover, Nami Island is a place for u. As for the ladies, you will go crazy at Myeongdong. It is Seoul’s main shopping districts featuring mid-to-high priced retail stores and international brand outlets. N Seoul Tower has become a popular date destination with its panoramic views of Seoul.

I loved my short stay in Korea and I will definitely go there again.

“Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran


Mukramah said...

Happy New Year to all!
May this new year of 2013 brings you the happiest moment of your life.

I would like to tell all the readers of Mdm. Yati's blog about my dream vacation. I presented it during class last year. Hahaha ;-)

I presented about South Africa, officially known as the Republic of South Africa. For those of you who do not know, the country is located at the southern most part of the African continent, thus, the name SOUTH AFRICA!!!. The country is very unique because it surrounded the country Lesotho, whereby, Lesotho is located in the middle of South Africa.

South Africa is the country which you can experience wildlife adventures in Safaris as well as historical monuments of the 15-16th century colonial British and Dutch.

South Africa has many national parks where you could observe the flora and fauna. It has the worlds largest wildlife safari reserve and South Africa having the most number of safari reserves in the African continent.

A visit to the Capetown is a must for every visitor that comes to South Africa. The city has the most historical building dated back from the time of Dutch and British colonization. You must not forget to visit the Cape of the Good Hope. It is located at the southern most part of the Cape peninsula. It is just an hour drive from the city centre.

Within Capetown, there is a Malay settlement who settled there from early as 17th century. Who knows, you may discover that you have a distant relative there!!!.

The country is somehow interesting to be visited. You may discover lots more wonders than what I had explained.

This is the link of my presentation slides, https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bzulj-EP-xl9SUxoOEVNMzRzb28.

Let's go to South Africa.

Have fun!

bibi said...

Assalamualaikum and may all of us in His Blessing always.
Firstly, when Madam Yati asked us to present of our dream place to go for vacation, VENICE hit my head first. But then, while I’m searching my other dream places for presentation, NIAGARA FALLS suddenly attracted me more than VENICE. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have any answers yet.
I just realized that NIAGARA FALLS is unique because it is located at international boundary of two countries that are Ontario, Canada and New York, U.S.A. These 2 countries are connected by “The Rainbow Bridge”.
Niagara Falls is such a perfect place to go for vacation since it has complete set of places and things to be visit and doing. The tourist can have tour around the Niagara River by the boat name ‘Maid of The Mist’ and also by ‘Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours’. For those like the extreme outdoor activities, you can try the ‘Whirlpool Aero Car’ whereby from the high above, you will be transported through the air in an antique cable car. Just imagine, far below the torrent of water abruptly changes the direction and creates one of the world’s most mesmerizing natural phenomena (the Niagara Whirlpool). Sometimes it’s frightening and always unforgettable. You also can try Niagara Skywheel and also explore The Cave of The Winds. For the huge view of Niagara Falls, you can have visit at Prospect Point Park Observation Tower. There is also theme park waiting for you, Martin’s Fantasy Land for those who are theme park lovers. Niagara Park Botanical Gardens and many more places are waiting for you to visit and discover at Niagara Falls.
So, dear friends, enjoy my slide below. Let’s save our money to make our dream vacation at our dream place is real one. :-)

Afifah JB said...

Assalamua'alaikum everyone!
It's nice to 'meet' you all here.
I would like share my dream vacation that is ISTANBUL, TURKEY (actually, the name of this place has always come to my ear, but I’ve never really ‘gone’ there even by reading. So, the task of presenting the dream vacation has really made me study the place and thus finally, it has become the spot of my dream vacation).
Turkey is place where the West meets the East. In Turkey, we can learn a lot about other type of Muslims (not Islam but Muslim). Since Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey (it is not the capital city, but Ankara is) which constitutes the country’s economic, cultural and history, thus it will be more interesting to have a vacation here. For those who like history but don’t like to read like me, you can visit Istanbul as it keeps a lot of historical items and artifacts where you can learn the history leisurely. There are a lot of interesting places here; a lot of mosques, churches, palaces, museums, gardens. Istanbul is the place where you can visit a ‘transformer’ building (church-> mosque -> museum) like Aya Sophia.
Sometimes we visit a place for the food right? Thus, let’s have a vacation here and have a taste of the foods. To have some view about Istanbul, please kindly view my presentation as linked above.

syima said...

salam and hello everyone.

Do you have one place you want to go one day ? yeahh..I have one place and I suggest for you to go there..where? lets go to Netherlands !!

This is link for overview the awesome of Netherland by me (actually, this is my dream vacation presentation for EOP class.) : https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9iFLlObaOrOa3gtd05RUHlqN2s

For your information, some people call ‘Holland’ to refer ‘Netherlands’. But, this both name is used to describe the same country. And the capital city of Netherlands is Amsterdam.

If you are there, the interesting places you must go are :
1)KEUKENHOF Garden : The world’s largest flower garden. There are approximately 7 million flower bulbs planted annually. The best time to view the tulips is around mid march until mid may.
2)BOLLENSTREEK : The Bulb Fields of Holland.
3)ALBERT CUYP MARKET : It is the largest outdoor market in Europe. You can find anything from tropical fruit and fish to books and electronics here. The vendors are well known for their typical Amsterdam humor, which you probably won’t escape from. The Albert Cuyp market is open every day of the week except Sundays. 
4)EFTELING : The Netherlands largest theme park and one of the old theme park in Europe.The Efteling brings you in a atmosphere of imagination, you walk through the park with lovely music on your ears, can go see the fairy tale, or go have fun in the roller coasters, and they have good food.

Interesting right ? Let’s go there to feel wonderful experience.