Friday, December 7, 2012

To my public IFLA students Intake 3,2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dear Dr.Anisa, Ashhar, Nor, Norulhuda,Shahrul, Suzi,Nadia, Sakinah & Dr.Tuti,
I invite you to share the book you are currently reading for the Book Review session in class. Remember - put your grammar worries aside or whether you can write...Just do one thing - "Start Writing ..hehe" :)


Anisa Kusumawardani said...

Dear madam Yati,
My book is Chicken soup for the soul: The Magic of Mothers & Daughters, by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, & Amy Newman
I choose this book because I was interested in the title and the cover… (of course I also read the summary :), then it made me want to read the whole book.
This book is special for me because it is about relationship between mother & daughter. Since I have a little daughter, I eager to know the magical and unique bond of mothers & daughters, other persons have.
It is a very good and touch full book, everybody can read this book. I recommend this book to mothers who have daughter, a daughter, and a grandchild.
Mdm. Yati, since u asked me to read and write, I really like reading English books, automatically I also enjoy writing in English. It is fun :)

Anisa Kusumawardani said...
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Wan Nordiah Azfar said...

Dear Madam Hayati …
The title is Men are from mars , women are from venus. The author is John Gray.
I interested to choose this book because it helps millions of their couples transform their relationship. This phenomenal book has helped men and women realize how different they can be in their communication style their emotional needs and their modes of behaviors.
This book so special to improve communication among wife and husband
I like to recommended this book because suitable for men and women improving relationship and gives a guide to understanding the opposite sex.
This assignment so helpful in English practice especially grammar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam Yati…
The Undomestic Goddesss was my first English novel I ever read and it became my favourite book. The book was written by Sophie Kinsella. She was the international bestselling author of Shopaholic novels, Can You Keep A Secret?, Remember Me? and Twenties Girl. Besides that, she was also the author of several bestselling novels under the name of Madeleine Wickham. Now, she lives in London with her husband and children. I never heard about Sophie Kinsella but my friend suggested me to read Kinsella’s book because all her book were interesting and full of jokes. At first, I was hesitant, but when I started reading this book, I just could not stop and finished this book in 2 days. It was addictive and hilarious book I ever read.

The story line about Samantha Sweeting is a workaholic attorney at the prestigious law firm of Carter Spink. She works all hours, has no home life and desperately trying to become the firm’s youngest partner. But suddenly she discovers she has made a huge mistake that will wreck her career forever. She unable to deal with her pressure so she runs away from her office. She is mistaken for the interviewee housekeeper and finds herself being offered the job. She learns to cook, iron, clean the house and even discovers the beauty of countryside. She meets her prince charming, Nathaniel and falls also in love with her new life as a housekeeper.

I love this book because it has many hilarious moments especially when Samantha makes huge mistakes in her new life and how she tries to solve them. Another funny scenes with her law firm trying to get her to work for them again and also about all of journalists in the country want to interview her. Samantha’s character makes me realizes some valuable life lessons that money and fame are not the most priority things in our life. The special aspect of this book is about how the author creates the interesting and exciting plot. Moreover, the contrast between two lifestyles - the world of corporate law and the world of housekeeper are brought out very effectively throughout the novel. I think Samantha’s gumption and perseverance to face her problem moves the story until the end.

I strongly recommend this book for all people who looking for something easy to read and enjoyable. This book has full of humor with a little light romance and a loveable main character that I like the most. Reading is fun and thank you for encourage me to read and write in English – Sakinah ^______*

suzilawati sahimi said...

Book review by Suzilawati Sahimi.
Genre: Memoir

The title of my reading is Beautiful Child and Torey Hayden is the author of this book.
Torey Hayden is an educational psychologist and a special education teacher who, since 1979, has chronicled her struggles in the classroom in a succession of bestselling books. She currently lives and writes in North Wales.
After attending English class for the first time, I started to choose the right book for me to read and learn English. Firstly, I chose “ Beautiful Child ” because after I read the title and looked at the cover of this book, actually it didn’t match. I wonder why the cover shows a sad child face while the title is Beautiful Child. Then, after I read the synopsis, I found that the story is meaningful and the story may related to me as a teacher.
For me, “Beautiful Child” (the story of a child trapped in silence and the teacher who refused to give up on her) is very special because this book shows that patience, attention, caring and sincerely could turns a troubled and hopeless child to cheerful and being somebody when she grow up. I believe that this story can make readers heart and feeling vibrate then the tears drop.
I would like to recommend this book to all and I’m very sure that when you read this book you can get many things to learn because it not just a story book.
Although I’m not so confident with my English yet, but actually this book review encourage me to write and post my writing. I knew that Madam Hayati asked us to post our book review because she wanted us to be more confident with our English and no need to shy or scared to make mistake in learning process. The important thing is we want and try to improve our English. So, thanks to Madam Hayati…… . Before I stop my writing for today, I want to share something…….. I am attending this English class to improve my English, but I got many things too, such as motivation from the cute and supportive teacher, Madam Hayati and knowing very nice and friendly classmates, Kinah, Nor, Nadia, Huda, Dr.Anisa, Dr.Tuti, Shafiq, Asyhar and Shahrul. Nice to meet you all. 

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam Yati..
The Wish List is a novel published by Reader’s Digest Select Editions that captivated me from the very first page. The author, Martina Reilly brings our emotions into the journey of a drug-addict husband and his relationship between the family and neighbor.
The story begins with Allie; a mother of two sons, had a shock to find out that Tony; her husband was a drug addict. Tony who was hooked on debt messed up everything for the family. They were forced to move to a smaller house. Allie tried to support him and lied to the children, in order to protect them from where their dad was during rehabilitation.
Allie struggled to look after her children after Toni discharged from the hospital. Their marriage had its up and down afterwards, but Allie has always been certain they had strong love to each other. Toni also struggled to overcome with his fear and discourage, in order to recover.
Mark, Allie’s nine-year-old son befriending with their neighbor, Jeremy, a very grieved lonesome old man who pretends he is Santa, in the hope of keeping Mark away from bothered him. Instead of away from him, Mark started to keep writing him letters and asked him to help his crumbling family. When Jeremy tried to help Mark, he realized his mistake for being so self-centered that affected to his two son’s childhood. He tried to overcome with grief and reconciled with his sons.
Finally, Allie figured out that lying to her children, in order to prevent them from knowing an unpleasant truth only made the situation worse. For Allie, there were no guarantees living with a loved one's drug addiction, but she believed that hopes and prayers, with bond of love would make every problem bearable.
The message that can be gained from this story is that we have to keep moving forwards in positive way. I recommend this book to those who like a satisfactory happy ending..