Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank you J Hamzah...

Dear J,

This entry is especially dedicated to you.  When I called you today, I said " You have 5 seconds to guess who is on the line!" ...and wow Masya Allah..before the 5 seconds ended you quickly responded "Of course,  it's Madam Yati!"
Suddenly, the line was cut off. Two minutes later, you returned my call.

You see J, your next question really touched my heart...
"Madam, what happened to your book? Have you published it?"

..Gosh, J.. your question caught me right in my stomach..
and I answered, "The truth is...( and I did tell you the 'whole truth' right?) "

Hem...J..what can I say?...If there is anything you can learn from me, this will be one of it,

I'm a bit mellow tonight after listening to your compliments (which by the way I thank you so much). I don't know whether I deserve them J... I'm NOT sure if I'm a good writer.  That's why I abandoned my writing. Take this blog as an example. I actually dedicated this blog to my students, my children and myself.  But my last entry was way in April! Maintaining this blog is something that I find very challenging as I am NOT a true writer (I think) in a real sense.  In my opinion, a TRUE born writer would not have to drag himself or herself to write. I once read about a writer who said, "I have to write, or I shall feel suffocated." Another writer claimed, "Writing is like breathing the air around me..." There you go J...these people feel at ease when they write whereas for me...well you know better..

Whatever my excuses and reasons are, this entry is not about me.
It's actually about YOU. I want to express my sincere admiration towards your energy and passion in teaching (Now that you are a teacher yourself! Ahah!)
I bet you will be one of the many BEST Maths teachers living on this planet.
But before you are a teacher, you were my student.  So, let me bring you back to memory lane...

I remember the first day I met you in the lecture hall.  You were seated right there - front row.
You had this expression which I called a rare mixture of 'composed  but inquisitive' look which is lately missing in a BIG lecture hall. After I finished throwing my question, you quickly fired an answer which I thought was so COOL ( as I don't get that many answers/responses from my Malaysian students).
Many chose to be oblivious of what they heard (and so I assume).  But, certainly NOT you J.
You always seemed to be alert and engaged. Your eyes were always beaming with excitement which I reckon came from your honest heart which was clearly experiencing the thirst for knowledge.

And my prediction was right all the way.

That you will be one of those Caliphs who will embrace lifelong learning even after the formal education ends.

That you understood what I meant by 'A GOOD attitude and an inquisitive mind will really bring you a long way compared to your CGPA  results'

Thank you for your enthusiasm in class...thank you for asking me those questions in class and most importantly, thank you  for making me proud J.

Break a leg :)


J hamzah Shaari said...

Madam... You taught me a lot of things about life. I felt free in your classes and be who i am and voice out all my opinions without afraid of being rejected. You believe in me more than i do. You inspire me in every single way. I wish i can write as good as you. Thank you for everything. You'll stay forever in my heart. Thank you,thank you and thank you and I am proud to tell everyone you are always my teacher.. and forever...

arcane said...

Reading this post really brought me back to when i was your student too madam, EOP ;). sometime around 2009/2010.

I'm shahnaz, not sure if you could recall :) but I was the one who requested for a letter of recommendation from you for my masters application to Japan.
God's will, i didn't manage to further my study in Japan, but Alhamdulillah i'm now in Perth and still have one more semester to go insyaAllah.

I have to admit with abg J, i was as well high spirited to speak with least fear of saying things wrongly in class. because u made it look easy to be confident to speak in public.

Oh! It brought big smile to my face recalling the moment u showed the whole class of the video about "the power of attraction" :) . Real life is a challenge, but the lessons learned from you somehow have moulded myself well. Thank you madam yati :)

Anonymous said...