Friday, April 25, 2008

Final Thoughts and Reflections

Developing this e-portfolio is definitely a paradigm shift for me. Only one semester ago, the idea of having my own website was out of reached. I do realize now that I have to keep abreast with time. This is because the world around us changes quickly. I had to learn a lot from my students when it comes to techno features. I am a language teacher and I believe that if I learn what they know, then maybe some kind of connection can be made. Knowledge comes in many forms and this is one of them – the ability to create an e-portfolio (no matter how humble it is). Thank you to my lecturer, Dr. Edwin who has introduced us to this world of ‘blogging’ which was once alien to me. There are still a lot to learn and I can sense that one of the reasons to pursue professional development is to acquire new knowledge and skills. It helps me to keep excited about my work and combat negativity in my teaching. As today is going to be my final exam, I want to congratulate my lecturer again for providing us insights into pursuing our professional development. I hope to practise what I have learned and continue with lifelong learning.


Lyanna said...

Hai Madam Hayati.
I'm one of your UIA student,I'm taking Le4000 this semester. I just wanted to share someting with you-I started my own blog so that I can learn to write in English better. I love following other people blogs so that I can read and learn how they write. Thus, I make a decision that i must try to write everyting in english in my blog. Sometime I do feel that I'm making so much grammatical errors, wrote silly things and etc. But I think by blogging at least I'm trying hard to aqcuire English.hehe. Do visit my blog and leave some comments. Love, Lyanna

jannah said...

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