Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful New Zealand

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anis suriza abdul manap said...

Mission or goal is the important thing that drives a person. I believe that every people in the world want to be success. That was the most general goal that we could have. I have the mission to do the best in everything that I do.
Of course, the biggest mission I want is to be a good Muslim and want to go into Jannah. One of the way that I can do get that goal is to help people. However, in this recent world we cannot do most of the things that we want to do without money. So I hope to be successful and rich enough in order for me to fulfill that mission earlier. Therefore as the short term mission, i have to study hard first. The mission that I got makes me work hard and busy. We definitely cannot live without purpose or else we will become a useless person here and in the hereafter.
All in all, i want to be the person who can contribute a lot to society in every aspect. I'll try my best. :) (anis suriza abdul manap)