Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aloha IfLA students intake 2/1013

Salam Misah, Ani, Anuar,Ray,Jannah,Ain,Aisyah,Ely,Sue, Haris & Aida.  Have you read all the entries? Which one is your favourite? Kindly share it with us in class ;)


Anonymous said...

hai mdm..thanks for the advice that was given to me. i hope i can improve in English and i will be successful.thanks madam..i love u..
-Aisyah Zulkifli-

Ainin Azwani said...

I'm reading your entries Madam... :)

Eli Slamet said...

Hi madame,
"What Do You Do When You Are Rejected?" could be my good choice for now due I also had being rejected before. I shall go through your blog and give some comments or thought. CHeers!

nurjannah salleh said...

dear madam,

i had read your blog and the the most interested title is testing the water. firstly i don't even really know what is the meaning of the article and i had read it again and again to understand.

then i make some research and found out the meaning is "trying something out first to see how it goes". your daughter try to make an accuse for not going to school that day in the soft way..

she might know that you will object her planning on not going to school, but she just give a try..hehehe..

Anonymous said...

salam mdm.

sue here
I had read your blog ..I like and full of meaning


Mariani said...

Salam, Mdm

Beautiful New Zealand......Testing The Water.... I like that title and story about your daughter in Testing The Water....

Mariani Mohamad

Misah said...

Assalamualaikum Madam,
I had read your blog "I shall begin with Ya Affuw". I'm really interested about the Asma Ul Usna 99 Names of Allah. Since you told me about Asma Ul Husna, I find it and read one by one.

One of them are:-
Al-Majid - Dialah yang maha Agung dan paling Mulia
Kelebihannya: Barang siapa yang sentiasa menyebut namaNya berulangkali, insyAllah akan diterangkan hatinya mendapatkan ilmu yang dikehendaki.