Friday, April 22, 2011

What is 'simplicity'?

Salam everyone. Im here at this place where I usually sit to finish my marking. My mind starts to run wild while I watch my surroundings..There are people rushing to buy things at this Mall, parents hurryin to the baskin robbins and those who do ..nothing..just enjoying their coffee. I begin to open this book that I borrowed from my student, Dr.Susi entitled "How Philosophy Can Save YOur Life - 10 Ideas that Matter Most by Marietta Mc Carty. The writer who is an assistant professor of philosophy at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, talks about the 10 themes that are necessary for us to grasp in order to live a truly fulfilling life. The first one is 'simplicity'. I didnt understand what this word meant back then when I was younger. Now, I can really relate to it. It says "plain,pure, uncomplicated,basic, modest and essential" (p.3)..Essential again according to her is a simple lifestyle that is complete in the essentials needed to live well. These essentials are for us to 'uncover' or 'rediscover' by streamlining our lives. She throws a question "What are the basics that we must have for good living?". Hem...interesting indeed...

Since I have to get back to my marking (argh!!!), I shall end this post with a quote by Charlotte Joko Beck..."Life is actually a very simple matter". life really 'that simple'? What do you think dear readers?

May God bless you.

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