Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank you all.... (2rd April 2011)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I know if I procrastinate, I won't get it done. So, I told myself, this is just as important as finishing my marking! Wow..if only this entry got published on time! pheweet!( Amy Search version).

Hem...what else can I say Section 31? Except.... thank you.... for coming to my house today!

I am so touched by your gestures like bringing food that you gals cook by yourselves! The spaghetti was nice (that was why I ate it) and the great warmth and cheerful faces made me feel blessed. Thank you God for bestowing me such a wonderful profession. I might not make tons of money (at least not yet) but I am so grateful for all the wonderful things in life - like my students' visit to my house - something that money can't buy (wait...but again if you have money ,u can always order food and invite people to come right? I'm not so sure ..).

Anyway, it had been wonderful having you around in my EOP class. (Section 35 has yet to come and Helmi, what are you waiting for???).
In class we managed to watch a movie, listened to "Rebecca" and "Memoirs of Geisha", shared common problems in life, overcame stage fright, exchanged stories in extensive reading, learn new words in each class and the list continues.

I sincerely hope you enjoy those moments as much as I did :-)

Love you all and once again....Thank you.

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abeer said...

For being more than a lecturer
A friend …. A guide person…. An inspiration
For making me find myself
For your constant encouragement and support
Thank you so much
I really enjoy taking my EAP & EOP CLASSES with u =)