Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Miracle Worker - in EOP class

Dear all,

How was the movie? Comment please..:-)


abeer said...

Assalamualaikum mdm,
it is been awhile since i visit your blog last time , the movie was great and it was my the 2nd time i watched it. What i learn from the movie that anything is possible once u choose hope. As Samuel Johnson said
"Hope itself is a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords; but, like all other pleasures immoderately enjoyed, the excesses of hope must be expiated by pain". Therefore,When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope will whispers, "Pleas try it one more time." =)

Abeer (sec 31)

syira said...

Salam Mdm...
1st time to visit your blog. about the movie, i think its all about patience and determination. everything can be done if a person has both. i admired Helen's teacher..she had those characteristics.hope i can be like that too..

Masyirah (sec 31)

zarreen said...

Assalamualaikum madam, and hope you are having a wonderful holiday,
The movie was amazing,heart wrenching,and inspiring! The miracle behind the story to me was the determination that Anne Sullivan possessed in realizing something that was seen as an impossible mission by all the people around her. She had firm believe in herself, and also in the child, which kept her doing what she knew she had to do. I hope I am able to build that kind of determination in achieving what i want and who i want to become in this life; to be able to keep moving at times when others disregard you and to have faith that the hardships in front of you is just a test to see whether you have that determination or not. Helen Keller surely made a shame out of myself,for, with all the blessings Allah endowed upon a healthy person like me, why am i still complaining and giving excuses?? thanks a trillion madam for giving a high dose of motivation,hope and a 'feel good' feeling!

p.s: abeer, i so like it when u wrote: when the world says, "give up", Hope whispers, "Please try it one more time"!

section 31

najihah said...

Assalamualaikum madam..happy chinese new year^^

This is my second time visit to your blog...

The movie was great, and it was first time I watch it. But before this, I had read the story about the blind and deaf girl, in Malay novel entitled "Moga Bonda Disayangi Allah”. The story was inspired by the real story of Helen Keller herself...

What I learn from the movie is, we must have faith with someone that we love. No matter how bad or how hopeless they are, they have been created to complete our life. This faith is easy to be said than to be done. With this faith, we are ultimately accepting their weakness and strength without any complaint or hesitation. This character is actually already inculcated in every mother that I have ever known. They accepting their children, no matter how bad the children in academic, sports or in the kitchen. I think, we as a "mother-to-be", should be able to accept all the weakness of other people, especially from those who are totally rely and depend on us.. No matter how much we feel disappointed with them, actually they are felling worse than what we feel towards them.

And as a Muslim, I also learnt this from the movie, that if Allah brings us to it, He will brings us through it..insyaAllah, we'll find our way. And for those who are already giving up waiting for His blessing should not be sympathize.

That’s all madam... (I’m sorry for my very bad usage of language, still trying improving it…huhuhu)
Have a nice day^^..salam

p/s:i love you
Najihah bt Saiful Anwar,
section 31

Ayu said...

Salam madam,

Thanks a lot sharing the beautiful, inspired story to all of us. It really motivates me to achieve whatever even though it seems impossible.
Through "The Miracle Worker",I learn that we can do if we have determination to do it. Of course we have to face the difficulties at first but at the end,no one can imagine how success can take place like we can see in Helen's life..and of course Anne Sullivan standing behind those success which really give great great inspiration to all of us. I hope that I can have her patience.
Overall, the movie was great and beneficial. We really like it!

p/s: you know what madam, after watched the movie, i learn deaf language in internet. and practice it with my friend.It is so interesting!

-Ayu, sec 31-

Huda Sec 31 said...

Assalamua'laikum dearest madam... I hope and pray you are fine and fit with the grace of Almighty ALLAH.

I like the movie very much.... It is so very inspiring and motivating... Alhamdulillah it was a great booster at the perfect time as i was a little bit stressed out and demotivated that day. Thanks a lot madam. I downloaded and asked my family to watch it. They like it and send their salaam "ASSALAMU'ALAIKUM" to you..

Among the values are:

1. Self determination is the most expensive weapon ever for success.
2. Sometimes sympathy does not work if we want the other party to achieve something for their own good.
3. I would like to quote a phrase from a song....
"Belief in yourself, reach down inside, have faith in what you do, you will make it through"....

Once again, Thank you madam....
May ALLAH grant you good physical and mental health, courage, patience, happy and prosperity life here and here after.... insyaALLAH ameen....


Nurul Huda Syed Ibrahim
Section 31, EOP.

Anonymous said...

i love this movie!!several reason that i can listed here:
-it motivates me a lot:)
-i like the character of Helen's teacher,Anne Sullivan which portrayed as very patient,deterministic person &very strong n tough in dealing with all challenges.
-i hope i can b like Anne Sullivan who is the most important person behind Helen's success.

Sharifah Annirah bt.Syed Abd. Rahman Al-jufriey
(section 31)

Noor said...

.:Abby Sabirah, Section 31:.
Assalammualaikum, ya ikhwah wa akhawat from anywhere, hope all of you in a good health;

my mualimah, mdm yati..this is my 1st time ab visit yr blog, the movie was super duper great! what i learnt from the movie, i make it in 3 main points/moral values:

1. IQ (Intellectual Quotient) "A Clear Vision" - What you want to be and what are your responsibilities towards others in future

2. EQ (Emotional Quotient) "Patience" - As-Sobru minal Iman, always be patience, think positive in whatever nikmah that you have or don't have, and never give up!

3. SQ (Spiritual Quotient) "Tawakal" - Always lean on God, your great sustainer and creator

-See you soon-

caliph said...

Salam'alaik madam,

Syukran a bunch for such an inspiring and motivating movie, the movie was an extraordinary one. Anne was a great teacher with such a great patience, that's what a teacher/motivator should practice in educating their students, it's not easy to teach someone, plus Helen is deaf, blind and always show her uncontrollable action towards her teacher, a normal human being, me myself can't stand with that kind of behaviour, but what I got from that movie is that, we should have great determintation in every good things that we wanna do, the second one is that, be grateful as Allah gives us His uncounted ni'mah, use it wisely, insyaAllah for this ummah..Madam, keep on motivating us, coz we really need it. Sometimes people know what they should do, but in the end, someone has to remind him/her. May Allah guide us in leading this challenging life..Syukran madam:)

Siti Fatimah Kamaruddin
Section 35

suhidayah said...

Assalamualaikum mdm..excited to comment here even i'd not attended the class on that sorry for that..i wish to watch that movie too, if mdm let me to copy it..;)

azwa said...

Salam madam,
I hope you are in well with your family.=)

I really enjoyed watched the movie.It was my first time. "Miracle Worker" was such a great movie that spread out its 'miracle' to the viewer, inspired people to become like the miracle worker.
In the beginning, i wonder who was the miracle worker and after several time i smile deeply =).
It was Anne Sullivan who was the one that enlighten Hallen's life.
A TEACHER that teaches Hallen from 'zero' to 'hero'.
From the story, I learned how strong the determination, hope, love,passion and patient of a teacher in order to help the student to become the Winner of Life, no matter how bad or unfortunate you are.
I'm sure that this movie inspire you a lot, madam.And for me and also my classmate, you are our MIRACLE TEACHER that sincerely share your knowledges with us.
Our prophet had said that we must respect our teacher because of the knowledge we got.He also mentioned that Allah upgrade the level of those who have high knowledge.
So, i want to thank to you, madam.i will not forget you. i will pray for your successful in life and may Allah bless you and your family.
with this,I would like to present to you a lyrics of malay song.

Title: GURU

pernah lagkah ku payah,
menuju ke destinasi,
kerana malam gelap dan bintang hilang kerdipnya,
menjadikan arah ku kelam,
ke timur atau ke barat.

bagai lilin membakar diri,
menerangi kegelapan hati,
kau curahkan kasih dan budi,
jasamu tiada terperi.

ooo..aku kini rindu,
pada suatu nama yang berjasa,
tuhan beri kekuatan
untuk mendidikku selamanya,
ku pohom restu dari-Mu
ampun kan lah guru-guruku.

We love u madam norhayati bt mohd syarif =)

Azwa (EOP: sec 31)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum madam,
i hope that u are in a very good health..insyaallah..
about the movie,it's very interesting,inspiring and motivating..
what i learn from the movie is that anything is possible in this world,we can be whatever and whoever that we want in this life as long as we struggle to reach our goal without thinking what others people say to us..
there's some lyrics that i remembered long time ago:

if we wanna be somebody,
if we wanna go somewhere,
we'll have to wake up and pay attention..

Lastly, the movie is very great and i like it!
tq madam!

Nadrah Ismail
sec 31

Siti Khadijah said...

Salam Madam Yati..

"Helen Keller is a blind, deaf, and consequently mute. Pitied and badly spoiled by her parents, she learns no discipline and grows into a wild by the age of six."

Desperate, the Kellers hire Anne Sullivan to serve as a teacher for their young daughter. In that time, she teaches Helen discipline and language through the use of her fingers, a breakthrough that has a direct effect on everyone's life...."

* For me, this story tell us that nothing impossible that we cant do in this world. The secret to achieve that succesfullness is passion, enthusiasm, faith.. That's the key..

Out of 10 stars, I give 9.5... Thumbs up Miracle Worker!!! =)

Siti Khadijah
Sec 31, EOP.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum madame.. :D

The movie is fascinating that i become speechless myself.I found that Annie Sullivan continue teaching Helen Keller and becoming Helen Keller companion for the rest of her life.Helen Keller herself grow up to become an amazing woman.
She is the first deafblind person to earn Bachelor of Arts degree.It was amazing.I also found that Helen is not born blind and deaf.Not until she is 19months old she was contracted an illness described by doctor as "an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain", which might have been scarlet fever or meningitis. The illness did not last for a particularly long time, but it left her deaf and blind.
But anyway i think that their relationship is quite special.
Annie Sullivan had never give up on Helen Keller.Also that Annie died after coma at age 70 with Helen holding her hand.When Helen died in 1968, her ashes were placed in the Washington National Cathedral next to Annie Sullivan.
Their relationship was really deep and i respect them for that.
Anyway this movie is awesome!I love it! :D

Intan-English class for spm leavers-2011-

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum teacher.

This movie motivated me a lot. I am touched with Anne Sullivan's high tolerance to teach Helen Keller signs for the letters of the alphabet. Based on the informations that I've got, Anne Sullivan herself had been blind, but had an operation and regained her sight. So, that is why she understood Helen's feeling a lot. Anne Sullivan was also Helen Keller's most important person in her life as she stayed with Helen for 50 years until Helen achieved success.

Helen Keller was not deaf and blind since she was born. She had already saying a few words at the age of 19 months. But because of a high fever, it caused her to become deaf and blind. She could recognize people by feeling their faces, their hands or their clothes. She made up signs wuth her hands to communicate with her family. But with her imperfection, it did not prevent her to earn Bachelor of Arts degree. She was successful because of her determination and from the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan.

This movie is good for people who is lack with confidence to succeed. Even Helen Keller who is deaf and blind could succeed, then, why can't we?

-Farah,English class for SPM Leavers,2011 (:

Anonymous said...

salam madam :)

Firstly, i just wanna say 'WOW' for this superb movie. haha. This movie had been successfully convey its deeply meaning to me. Annie Sullivan was such a great teacher who has high tolerance and patience towards her deafblind student, Helen Keller. Actually, Helen's mother was eager to give her daughter a successful education by finding a teacher. Annie Sullivan had been asked by the school director of Perkins Institute for the Blind to be Helen's instructor as Annie was the former student at that school. Annie had taught Helen to communicate by spelling words into her hand and at last, Annie's determination has been paid off. Finally, Helen has become a very successful woman. She was an American author, political activist and lecturer. I've been told that she was the first deafblind person that gain Bachelor of Arts degree.
This shows us that every human has the right to succeed eventhough with the imperfect senses.

las but not least, thanks to madam for giving me and the rest to watch this wonderful movie :)

nurul farhana (english class for spm leavers 2011)

khamisah said...

Assalamualaikum Mdm...
This is my first time visit your blog...=)
i think the movie is amazing and i like it...!
It is very inspiring and motivating...
i admired Helen's teacher, Anne Sullivan because she does something that other people think impossible..
"There is everything you know and there is everything that happens. When the two do not line up, you make a choice. "

khamisah (sec 31)

Anonymous said...

Asslamualaikum madam.
thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch the story ..
What I learned from these stories is that we should feel very grateful to have a sense that is perfect without blemish .. we should use God's gift to the best ..
hallen figure shows that a fairly aggressive character in the beginning .. but the wise measures taken by his parents, provide opportunities to teach their children .. Hallen finally managed to graduate .. and this is a lesson to me that I could do something better to succes. Hallen has proven herself. I fell very impressed with Anne as a very high level of patience, to see her students succeed ..
and I am very grateful to the madam .. and I'm strongly believe that all the teachers to see student success.

from:fatin sakinah-spm class leaver class 2011

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum madam Norhayati...
first of all, i would like to say thanks a million , for giving me an opportunity to watch the movie.

From the story, i have learnt one of the great attitude that is PATIENCE. we can see how Annie Sullivian has a high patience to teach Helen Keller, who is deafblind person.i believe, it so hard to teach deafblind person, but Annie Sullivian never give up.. she always try her best.Helen Keller may not have been directly responsible for the development of these technologies and teaching methods. But with the help of Anne Sullivan, through her writings, lectures and the way she lived her life, she has shown millions of people that disability need not be the end of the world. Not only that,Helen Keller is the first deafblind girl who earn Bachelor of Arts degree..this is great!
At last, we can see that Annie Sullivian becoming Helen Keller companion for the rest of her life.

i'm sure, that their relationship is very close. Annie Sullivian is like the second mother for Helen Keller....
i hope that one day, i can be a women that can give benefits to others just like Annie Sullivian.
btw, i really like the movie.. the movie is awesome and inspired me..

> syafiqah, spm leavers 2011<

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum madam Norhayati...
first of all, i would like to say thanks a million, because you've give me an opportunity to watch the great movie.
through the movie, i've learnt many good deeds. but the most deed that have give mark in my heart is PATIENCE.
We can see how Annie Sullivian never give up to teach Helen Keller, who is deafblind. Helen Keller may not have been directly responsible for the development of these technologies and teaching methods. But with the help of Anne Sullivan, through her writings, lectures and the way she lived her life, she has shown millions of people that disability need not be the end of the world. Moreover, Annie always try her pleasure to teach Helen, eventhough it is really tough task. she know, as a teacher, she has a huge responsibility to make Helen Keller become successful student..

At last, we can see that Helen Keller is the first deafblind person to earn Bachelor of Arts degree. how great she is...

i hope that one day, i could be like Annie Sullivian, as i can give benefit to other people without biased feeling.
lastly, i want to say that the movie was inspired me so much.. the movie is superduper totally great..
>syafiqahfilzahmohdsaodi, spm leavers 2011<

i luv jihad said...

assalamualaikum madam yati..
sorry for late posting the comment.
firstly,i want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity watching the movie..
ok,in my opinion,i`m very impressed to the teacher mrs. annie sullivan.
she has very strong spirit to teach her student,hallen...this is because,hallen is always agresive to her teacher but it doesn't mean to make annie sullivan feel despair to continue her mission..
i`m very impressed to hallen as she had becoming a succesful person..this can encourage me to become a succesful person in my life..insyaAllah..!!

fatin-spm leaver class 2011

Amir Ariff (SPM Leavers 2011) said...

Assalamualaikum madam...
Most of all,it is a great movie that I have seen. I enjoyed it and this is the first time I watching that movie. Among of moral values I have learnt is we must have a big hope even it is hard to achieve. When we have a big hope,a big dream,surely we would be working hard to reach it. As a student,everybody want to get the successful in academic. But,it is not as easily as ABC. We must have a huge dream. From there,we need to do very well as possible to make sure our dreams come true...


Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum dear mdm,
This is the first time i visit your blog.sorry for the late reply on the movie "the miracle worker".

To me,this movie is very inspiring and i was touched while watching it.What i learn from the movie is anything is possible when u don't give up.Patients and determination will push forth yourself when u don't give up.I admired Helen and her teacher.I hope i can have their qualities.

I enjoyed your class,mdm.Be it in the previous semester or this semester.I loved it very much.I hope i can improved my English and continually practice it because I love English very much and I have some unforgettably sweet memory with it:)...
Have a nice day, mdm and thank you for everything...

azra, sec 31