Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Section 3, Sem 1,2013/2014 Pharmacy students -How to be Good Parents?

Dear all, can't wait to see your notes, videos & ppoint that you have presented in class. What was the topic again? Ah yes! How to be Good Parents. Don't forget to indicate all your group members names. Thank you so much for your generosity :)


muhamad razeen abdul kader said...

There are lots of wrong ways to bring up your kids, but there are lots of right ones too. What you'll find in this book(The Rules of Parenting) are principles to follow, which you can adapt to suit you and your child. There's no list of instructions you have to follow to the letter if you don't want your child to end up a loser. In our slide, we only focus on three points from the book which are never compare children with each other, make sure they know they’re priority no. 1 and don’t panic.

From the three musketeers with love:


aizananis said...

Parents need creative ways to deal with their children of different age to ensure the communication between them are effective. In 'Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids' book written by Dr. Laura Markham, she stated about how we can start connecting with kids. For our slide, we focused on 3 different approaches for 3 different age of children which are preschooler, teen and adult. From these approaches, we can see that parents should connect before correct, always reflect before react and must coaching the kids before controlling them.

sincerely from belladonna's group:
aizan anis
fatin nur nabilah
nik nur eva
aina mardhiah
adilah ghani


Aiman Najwa said...

The happiest moment for couples is to be granted a cute and charming baby that will foster their relationship. At this legend moment, they will plan incredible expectations with the hope that the child will grow up to be a beneficial person of their descendant that contribute a lot for the wellbeing of mankind. Despite of it, actually it is quite a difficult task to raise up children and make the hopes realized as kids shows so many behaviours at different life stages which sometime difficult to be understood and subsequently tackle the problem. Unfortunately, children were not born with a guide book for parents, thus, parents must be best equipped with knowledge and skills to give the best for their children. Nevertheless, things will become more challenging if Allah SWT granted us with child of special abilities such as impaired hearing abilities. Since communication is very important to deal with children, what would be an alternative way to deal with deaf child so that they too, can be raised up well? Of course, it is the good communication will do. Actually, communication is not merely by language, it can be through sign language too. Hence, we has come out with the idea on how to implement good communication skills in family to ensure deaf children too didn’t miss up the chance to mingle with parents and siblings. We had retrieved the information from book entitled “Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Child.”

Sincerely from,
Aiman Najwa
Hairun Nisha
Anis Amira


Nurul Huda said...

Being a cool parent doesn't meant that you need to be hip hop style, which doesn't make you cool at all. What the kids need at a hot moment is a parent who can keep his cool. A parent able to calm himself down allows a child to explore his or her full range of emotions without spiraling out of control. Let us expose to you the parenting styles that are not good for you and be aware that you should avoid this to become the best parent ever! There are four types of parenting, which are; authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and does not involve at all. In this slide, we focused on authoritarian and permissive parents which both are not good for you :)

from your little bunny :
- sharifah shakirah
- huda amri
- nurul jannah
- nor simaa
- emira aimi


Nor Afiqah Ahmad said...

Sulking and lying are the most annoying ways shown by the kids.Sulking is the way that kids communicate their displeasure, anger or frustration with a situation. This behavior is not just limited to young children, but also occurs in teens because they have not always learned the skills to express their frustration in an appropriate way.
Most children sulk in order to draw their parent's attention to fulfill their demands.
Most children tell lies at some point, but it can be a real surprise for parents the first time it happens. Actually, learning how to lie is part of a child’s development. Children tell lies for many reasons, depending on the situation and their motivation. Children might lie to cover something up, hoping to avoid consequences or punishment,explore and experiment with their parents’ responses and reactions. They also tend to exaggerate a story to impress others and gain attention, even when they are aware that the listener knows the truth.

Sincerely from parents-to-be,InsyaAllah:
Nor Afiqah binti Ahmad Nasrulddin
Zahirah binti Zainuddin
Nur Fatihah binti Anan
Nurul Najihah binti Abdullah

Anonymous said...

Having children is like symbolizing love in marriage. However, not all families are fortunate. Some families have children while some doesn’t.
Some have children but they are disabled. Communicating with children can be tough, especially when they are ‘special’. Before communicating, we’re taking one step back, which is patience and acceptance.



nor hazirah bahanudin said...

When it comes to parenting, there is no absolute right and absolute wrong in handling our own child because each child has his or her own custom-tailored behaviours and characters. However, to understand the fact that parenting is not as easy as ABC and to realize that good parenting skills usually do not come naturally to most parents is apparently really important. Without the realization of that, most parents will overlook this responsibility and tend to feel their ways of handling their kids is the absolute best.
Thus, in this presentation, our group will present on one of the communication skills required by parents to understand their kids better and at the very same time able to connect to their children in such a beautiful way.
Here, we discuss about how parents should try to acknowledge their kids’ feelings when they feel happy, sad, angry, etc. All the communication skills discuss here is based on this amazing book entitled how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk. The skills discussed in this book already been applied by parents mostly from America and showed positive results. Hence, we believe that such a good thing should be shared with our classmates so that all can benefits from it.