Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Parenting Class Semester 2,2013/2014

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Dear all,

Once again, I thank God for the opportunity to share with you some concepts and ideas on parenting in my class. I am also learning with you - to always learn and relearn is a concept we should always apply. I appreciate if you can share your views, ideas and experience in my class.
Being in that present moment with all of you was priceless and I wish you the best in educating and upbringing future Caliphs.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


amirah azmi said...


assalamualaikum madam. thank you so much for teaching us a lot in parenting. i learn a lot from you, your stories and how you see life as it is. i think that parenting subject is not only about how we raise our children but also how we build the family. because if father is said to be the spine of the family, then mother is the eyes, to see where the direction of the family is heading. we must also be a good example for our children. to be urban is good in educating children but we must not left behind the cultural part i think. because at the end of the day, we surely hope that our children will bring barakah for us to be safe in this world and hereafter.

Anonymous said...

Salam'alaik..Being in your class was a happy things for me.. I can feel that you are delivering your knowledge and experience from your heart.. and inshaAllah it reach our heart.. I learned a lot in your class.. how important our parents is, how important knowledge is, how to be a good spouse and looking for the suitable partners.. Most important thing is, always remember that ALLAH is always besides us.. Being a parents is not easy.. we need to search for knowledge in order to be a good parents.. of course we want a better life with our family, and we need to work harder towards that.. I have been doing many personality test before, but I think I know myself better now.. there is a lot of thing that need to be considered and I need to start it from now.. Starting from your class, I started to say 'I love you' to my parents and siblings every time I called them.. It was one of the most wonderful things ever happen in my life.. Lastly, I would like to thanks you for being my teacher and hope to keep in touch with you if I have anything to share with you.. Thank you madam.. we Love you..Wassalam..

Anonymous said...

Parenting Class sem II,2013/2014


Assalamualaikum mdm Norhayati, first of all I would like to thanked mdm Norhayati because I was able to learn a lot of things in her class especially about family,love,parents, myself and others. To be honest, this class cause me cried a lot, especially during mdm asked all of us to sent sms to our parents said that "I love you and forgive us for all things that we had done"..fuhh.. for some people it might as easy as eating an ice cream but for me it is really hard to say so because I am not really close with my parent since a child,they never said that kind of thing to me or talk sweet things to me,they even forgot my own birthday and never celebrate my birthday. Frankly, I quite jealous with my other friends as they are able to say and show their love to their own parents easily and their parent already act as their closer friend in this world. However, after a while I felt relieved and grateful for what mdm ask me to do so because a least once in my life time I managed to say that words,thank you mdm.

Besides, I manage to learn more about myself, about what I am capable off and my weaknesses. However I believe that people may change from the worst to a better person even it is quite impossible and i am also believe that there a hidden kindness within every Allah's beautiful creation (human being).

I am still searching for my happiness in these world and hereafter, thanks to mdm Norhayati for believe in me,for able to find my own happiness even without saying it.(just through eyes contact/communication) :)

I am also hope that, in future mdm may guide us be be a better presenter, be more confident, able to control our emotion infornt of the others and successful in delivering message through communication. I am really like the ways mdm express your feeling while teaching, one day I hope that i will be like mdm or even better. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum md Norhayati,

Parenting class was one of my favorite classes. I really enjoyed it. Madam Yati is a wonderful lecturer. She is so remarkable and I done think any of us can forget you.

Anonymous said...

This was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from it but I got a lot out of it. It definitely opened my eyes to better ways of parenting. I really enjoyed the class, laughed a lot, gained confidence in my life, and gained a lot of resources to help me in my future life. I have learned so many things from your class like “What is Marriage”, “Conscious and Sub-conscious”, “Circle of Control”, “Visualization”, “Marriage Issue”, “Punctuality”, “Understanding the Child”, “Teach Children to Read”, “Personality Test”, and understand our responsibility as Khalifah of Allah. Of course I’ve still got a long way to go, but at least I know what direction to head. And it’s all because of you, Madam Hayati. You are truly a great lecturer. It makes your comments and teaching more credible as you used many examples from your own family and experiences. I can’t tell you how much the class has helped us. For me, madam Hayati is a wealth of information, practical ideas, guidance through role-play, and brainstorming, with encouragement and support. She is warm, insightful and honest, as well as funny. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am so eternally grateful to you, Madam. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless you with the best of Iman, health, wealth and give you your due rewards both here on Earth and in the Hereafter, Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Love you, XOXO.

Anonymous said...

Mohamad Firdaus B Wahab

I have learn a lot from parenting class by Madam Norhayati in preparing myself to become a good leader and parent. From the early lectures, Madam taught us about the brain waves. I found that this knowledge is interesting since most of our daily conduct somehow related in what state of our mind. I begin to search it more on my own. Next, I also learn about the circle of control which I found that this knowledge is something new for me. From this learn on how to get things under my circle of control without letting others pushing me. It also taught me to be more organized and systematic in performing the task. The highlighted and most enjoyable things during the lecture is about the personality test. I get to know my own personality including my own strength and what I am lacking of. So I can figure out how to improve myself better in the future. Off course we are not perfect but we are ought to works towards that. Last but not least, one of the most important thing that Madam Norhayati taught us is about the early education of children. The children have such a great potential during their early age and parents nowadays just let that potential slip away without doing nothing to that. It was a big loss actually letting that chance just like that. So I made up my mind not to do that on my children in the future and will fully utilize that potential.

Puriee Fish said...

Puteri Amirah Adib Binti Kamaruzzaman (1138752)


When I first stepped into your class, I never thought that I would be looking forward to attend your class every week. This class is absolutely different from my other ‘serious-full-of-fact-theory-based’ class.

I am only 21. It's too early to get married. When my friends from other university ask why IIUM create this parenting class, I couldn’t answer them.

'Fuyyooo, boleh kahwin la lepas ni'
'Kelas parenting??!!! soooo IIUM...'

Your first 2 class was fun because it’s about looking for a right partner. You know well at this age we really like to talk about this kind of thing. Yes. I tweeted about the information/ knowledge I got from the class and there's a lot of my online friend retweeted them. I learned a lot. I learn that as long as I keep asking from Allah SWT to give me the right one, Insyallah He will. My job is to just keep asking from Him. After that, it's up to him.

After that, the class started to get a lot more serious. We started to talk about responsibilities in marriage, about children and about our partner. I never think about all these responsibilities I must carry. Besides, I learned that marriage life is not all about me. I forgot my responsibilities towards my parents and my family. Thank you madam for reminds us again about our duty towards our parents.

Insyallah, I will never forget all the useful knowledge I learned from this class. Marriage is not only about me and my spouse, it’s a lot more than that. Insyallah, with your doa madam, when I'm ready enough, I will create my very own perfect little marriage later, Insyallah. 

Thank you, madam. I pray for your happiness with your family here and hereafter. Aminn.

Nur Atma bt Ridwan (1212800) Siti Fatimah binti Ibharm (1212470) Nur Amirah bt Mohamad Zain (1214446) Nadhira Liyana bt Zurni (1216622) said...

First of all thank you so much mdm hayati for teaching us much knowledge on parenting. For me, it is just not parenting knowledge that I gained, but I also gained much extra knowledge on being myself.Actually the personality test really make to know myself better.I ignored this personality test when I was in school,but when I was in your class,I really love the personality test with the explanation by mdm. I just can't believe as I am attending this parenting class sincerely deep from my heart. Every single word of what mdm had taught us was really meaningful. From the beginning of the class, until the last one, I would not even forget every single knowledge that mdm had taught us. Honestly, I love this class so much. Thank you mdm for all the inspiring and motivational words. I enjoyed this class and I miss you mdm. You are the best lecturer.:) -SITI FATIMAH BINTI IBHARM- (1212470)

Amanina Matali said...

Thank you Madam hayati for all your time and effort that you spend with us. It is among the best class that I attend this semester which broaden my point of view and understanding about being a future parent.
Above all, the vital thing that we must aware and bear it in our mind is that the purpose of living. Allah said in surah Az zariyat verse 56 "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me." Ustaz Yazid Abdul Qadir stated that, based on ulama,ibadah or worship here means to do everything that pleases Allah which has been potrayed by the life of Rasulullah saw. So, since Prophet Rasullulah was also a father of his 7 children, it is undeniable that parenting and become an all-rounded parent is one of the ibadah. May Allah ya Fattah always helping us to open our heart and open the way to us in order to become a good parent in the future.

Amanina Matali said...

Thank you Madam hayati for all your time and effort that you spend with us. It is among the best class that I attend this semester which broaden my point of view and understanding about being a future parent.
Above all, the vital thing that we must aware and bear it in our mind is that the purpose of living. Allah said in surah Az zariyat verse 56 "And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me." Ustaz Yazid Abdul Qadir stated that, based on ulama,ibadah or worship here means to do everything that pleases Allah which has been potrayed by the life of Rasulullah saw. So, since Prophet Rasullulah was also a father of his 7 children, it is undeniable that parenting and become an all-rounded parent is one of the ibadah. May Allah ya Fattah always helping us to open our heart and open the way to us in order to become a good parent in the future.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum mrs. nor hayati.. :)

firstly, i would like to thank to you for giving me and all of my classmates opportunity to a part of your students. I would like to praise to Allah as He sends madam for me to teach, to share and to open my eyes obout the reality of marriage life..

before this, i thought that marriage life is simple and easy..after going for your class, my mind was totally changed.. marriage is not just about love..but it is all about responsibility, trust, communication and respect..to be a good parent, we need to be always having two ways communication between we and our partner and also with our children..

from your class also i learn to appreaciate my parents as they try their hard to be a good parents for me and also my siblings.. and insyaAllah i want to follow them on how they educate us to be a good people in this world and hereafter..

the best part that i like the most in this class is when we have to message our mom n tell them on how we love them..i cried for the whole night after that class..it is not easy and i shy actually to express my love to my mom..thanks a lot madam coz u give this moment for me and my mum..i really appreciate it..besides, i also like the moments when you share many of your experiences to us..it also make me concern about choosing the right person for our whole life..

Last but not least, i hope that my knowledge about parenting will not just stop here..insyaAllah i will always seek more knowledge to prepare to be a good servant and khalifah of our beloved Almighty Allah..

thank you madam hayati...you are like my mother who are always wants the best for her children..without you, maybe i did not know about many realities in marriage life..

Amirah Liyana Binti Idris
parenting class 13/14

Anonymous said...

first of all i would like to thank madam hayati for all your efforts in this parenting class. You have made the class full of thought,energy,laugh,self motivated and excitement. Personally, i got so much knowledge from your disclosed experiences you shared in the class and how you told us to visualize,self reflect,shaping attitudes,knows our own personalities to appreciates others and stuffs. I learned to be more positive in challenging situations.I learned that bad experiences are the turning point to become a mature & a better person because Allah will test hambaNya for a reason. Lastly, i learned many new things and opened up my mind about family and parenting's stuff. This class was so beneficial for me in the future. Thanks again mdm. May Allah bless you and your family. Amin. Wassalam. :)


Anonymous said...

There are many lessons I have learned in Mdm Yati's class. I have found that marriage and managing the family are not easy as I thought before. Throughout the classes, I realized how actually the parents' behaviour could influence a child's development indirectly. The child may fail to follow what the parents have thought but they never failed to follow the parents' examples. In marriage, Mdm has said about the importance of "give and take" in the relationship which open my eyes as previously I only see 'the take' that I want from a person rather than 'the give' I am willing to do. -Nurhani Emira Hamidon (1218900)

maizatul akma said...

First of all, praise be to Allah for choosing me to be in this parenting class. Thanks to Madam Hayati for all knowledge that you give to me. I have learned a lot from you about the reality of life. I should not taking care for myself only but also, the others too. I need to understand others a lot in order to understand them well so that I will not be easily judging on them. Besides, I need to self-reflect whether what I have done is either right or wrong in order to become a better person. Lastly, it is hard to change but it is not impossible to become a better person. As a reminder to myself, children will not absolutely hear to what we ask them to do but they are more prone to follow whatever that we as their parents do. Therefore, we should become a good role model to the children. I hope all of us will become good partners, good parents, good Muslims and always remember about what we have learned from this class forever. InShaaAllah :)


Anonymous said...

Raja nur rahifah inani binti raja abdul rahman 1210222

I am very glad to have as my parenting lecturer because you had gave me many input that i can't get it from other place or from other person. I am very grateful and really thankful because you had gave me many ways and many advices in how to become a good wife, a good mother and a good leader to my family. I really love you and you had inspire me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Amirah Haziqah Rashid (1210054)

Assalamualaikum Madam, im very happy to say that i really enjoyed our parenting class. They way you convey the obvious and also all the hidden messages just make me feel so lucky to have a teacher like you. After attending the parenting class, I am now aware of the personality that I am. And also I learn to appreciate my parents better as I finally know how difficult it is to raise a child. Thank you Madam for making me realize how we should really control what we can control and let go things that we cant control.
I learn so much from you. Thank you Madam

Anonymous said...

Fareez Haziq B. Abdul Wahab [1218201]

What have I learned from Parenting session with Mdm Norhayati? I learned a lot from her. She even shared her first marriage’s experience.
To make it short, I like the personality test session. From that test, I finally know that I’m fall into Popular Sanguine categories. Mdm provides the description about Perfect Sanguine person in term of attitudes, as a leader, and many more. Thus, I learned a lot about myself including my weakness. It can help me to fix the weakness I have to become better person. Plus, this class even changed my life. How? Before this I did not express my love toward my parent. But after what mdm Norhayati taught us, I started to appreciate all what have my parent done for me. And honestly for the first time I cried in front of my classmates when I told them about my father. It is come from my heart. Hahaha. Lastly, this class also had opened my mind to prepare myself for marriage and be an understanding husband and khalifah in the future. Amin…

Anonymous said...


Throughout the parenting class, there's a lot ive learned. From the first step to the marriage, to how to be a good parents, and the most important is to be a good khalifah. Besides, we also can know ourselves through the personality test, that we may know our inside positive and negative characters. This parenting class also can make us to imagine ourselves if we as a parents and we as a child. Therefore, we can realize that what to expect from a parents or a child. It make us to be more appreciate on everything that we have, motivate us to continue the journey of life with bear in mind that Allah always there for us. Lastly, i want to thank to Madam Hayati for all valuable knowledges and advices that hv been shared to us. Thank you, madam. :)

Anonymous said...

I like most the way you teach us. you make us gain something after every class. at first, I thought that this class will be very boring, however, because of YOU the class is very interesting. I'm sure all of my classmate will think the same thing :)even thought every class is about 2 hours and sometimes it takes longer, but during that time there is a lot for us to learn actually. next, what I like also is at this class you also inculcate confident to ourselves. the way to communicate and how to be a good presenter. the lesson that very inspiring for me is when you show a video about baby that can read. I think every parent should inculcate their child to start read from the baby. that all and thank you very much for being my good lecture :)


Anonymous said...

Firstly i would like to thank madam hayati for being such an energetic, enthuatist, fun, mother like lecturer to me. Being in your class has taught me a lot especially in marriage life. You have open mind to become someone that must always have goals in their life, know what we want, become a good wife/good parents . I still remember what u said in class " marriage is the matter of give and take", " don't get married just because you desperate or you cant live without a man's love". This words give such an impact to me. I realised that marriage is just not about love at all. Its comprises everything. Love, accepting the flaws of your spouse, being able to handle his/her annoying behaviour, understanding, responsibility, pious, matured, educated and many more i think. So i guess that marriage is not an easy thing. One have to be fully prepared mental and physical once you get married because we are going to live with him/her for the rest of our life. During second class, you taught us about the importance of visualization; what we can control and what doesn't. I think its all depend on us because only we ourself has the power to change our life either we want to become a better person / vice versa. Alhamdulillah, Allah give such a happy family, a loving parents whom i look them up as my role model, my siblings and not to forget my friends. They are the one who enlighten my life, always there for me and accept me for who i am. Attending your class also had open my mind to always be thankful, appreciate people surround us and always cherish every moment we had with them because that time will past. And so we just have to live life to the fullest. Be a good daughter to our parents, siblings, a good wife to our husband, a good friend and have a good relationship with everyone. People always said that your family will define who you are. So it is important for us to improve ourself first and become a better person if we want to have a good husband and also good children. I'm sure that i will never forget for this moment :)
1218138 - Aimi Maisarah Bt Mohd Yusof

Anonymous said...

1129074. Nur Nabila binti Nor Azizan.
Alhamdulillah, I've learn a lot from this parenting class.I remembered a sentence you said during our first class "do not marry someone without thinking seriously but no so serious that you do not want to get married". Before this, i was so afraid to get married when I think about what will happen if I get divorced or if the person that I married was not actually who I thought he was. Fortunately, with this sentence, you changed my perspective towards marriage. You shared many useful tips that we can apply in the future. With the personality test that we did in class, you showed us how to choose our future partner and be a good spouse. One of the tips that I will remember forever is whatever happen in your marriage, never share the problems with others including in law, only the couple should know the problems. You also taught us how to be good parents who teach children reading at the earliest of age. Like you mentioned in class,"children who fail to read, fail to reach their full potential". Lastly, thank you again my beloved lecturer, Madam Hayati for sharing us your experience and guiding us how to be a good spouse and parent.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I learnt a lot throughout your classes. Among them is, I gained new insight about visualisation. Previously, I was so lazy to think about the man I want in my life, because I learnt somewhere that "you will never get a man as you dream". That statement made me reluctant to think about my dream man. However, after listened to your story, I could visualise characteristics I want for my future spouse and I am practising it now (pray). Your spirit is amazing and that is something that I want when I become a lecturer someday. For me, you can improve your teaching environment by being more 'santai' and not too syllabus-oriented. Most importantly, thank you and bless all your teachings.

Fatimah Zahrah said...

Fatimah zahrah mohd sobri 1212262
The parenting class with you give me a lot of Info on parenting, the benefits,the challenges. Your class makes me realise that the marriage life is not easy as I thought before.

amirah azmi said...

If you said that being with us was a priceless moment, then for me, it is like no words can describe it. I could just thank God that you are my eye opener. By the way, Happy Teacher's Day to you! You had said once in the class how much important for us to improve ourselves first and tighten the parents-children relationship before we could find our so-called lover. It was really making me think for awhile.I like the way you teach your children. I mean us, your students since you have considered us as your children.:)You are so full with spirit and we can see that you really want us to be successful as Caliphs in this world.


Farrah Hanim said...

If you said that it was a priceless moment for being with us, then for me it is like no words can describe it. I could just thank Allah for having you as my eye opener, to guide me throwing all the negative mindsets.This is what I gained from your class.I got to know myself and knew that I can be better than I had ever thought.
I think each and everyone of us still remember that lesson, the importance of having a good subconscious mind and the power of visualisation. One more thing that I always tell myself is, before searching for our so-called lover, look ourselves first and ask questions. How about your relationship with Allah and your family? At the end of the day, it is like killing two birds with one stone. The dunya will follow us if we search for the akhirah. There are actually a lot to be listed.
Madam, thank you for teaching us and Happy Teacher's Day. I hope that you will get barakah in everything you do.


Anonymous said...

Nabilah Ramli

First of all madam since the first day i have been enjoyed being your student you are such inspiring and bright. Thank you madam for teach me to be strong and be responsible in the future as a mother and a wife. Madam, to tell you the truth i do not want to be involve in a marriage because im scared to hold a responsibilities but you teach me how to be a good one. Besides, with you strong character, you manage to attract me to love the class and also the subject untill i cannot wait tuesday night every week just to come to your class. All the stories you shared are so meaningful and such a valuable information for me which i believe cannot be obtained outside. Thank you madam, for teach me to be more confident.As a result i manage to do such energetic presentation on the last class. Actually i am a phlegmatic person so i am rarely involve with crowded and try to avoid to present to people. But the ladt presentation i gather my courage to present to others and end up you like the role play that we do. Lastly, thank you madam for all this while you will always stay in my heart.��

Anonymous said...

Parenting class teaches me how to manage my future family as a wife and a mother to my future children. As a wife, we must not follow our husbands blindly or else we will be bullied by them. Other than that, as a mother, we must spend time with our children and try to educate them at the age of three or four by showing them pictures such as our parts of body and foods. As a Muslim, try to educate our children according to teaching of Islam such as prayer, recite Iqra' and others. InsyaAllah our family will be blessed by Allah. We must support our families whenever one of them is dealing with difficulties. Try to help them and support them. Lastly, we must always express the three words which are I LOVE YOU especially to our moms and dads. Try to express it face to face so that the person can feel your sincerity.

saff_one said...

Assalamualaikum madam yati

firstly, this class is really enjoy,i never feel bored in this class, everyday i learnt something new and everytime after class i always think about how could i manage my own family in the future. I also learn about the important of reading, knowing our own character and how to choose our partner. To be honest, i really hope that u can still give advice to us after this not just end here. My suggestion for this class to be more effective, maybe sometime when the class is too long,people will start to loss their focus. In conclusion,i miss this class. Thank you madam,may Allah bless u. ^_^


PHOEnix said...

what i like the most in this class is that the way you conduct the class which is interesting and you always ask our opinion and for a quite person like me it teach me talk more in front of people. then...what inspire me from this class is that..to be able to become a better parent in the future and lovey dovey partner like you and your husband..hope so~!! >.< my opinion about the class is that it is interesting and i would like to learn more form you..lastly..memory of the class is that when i have to sms my parent..quite awkward to me and my family because inever said all that and that night my parent crying when they called me..thats all from me..thank you again and may ALLAH bless you...
[fendy, 1219051]

mohamad khairul said...


First of all, I want to thank you for sharing all of your knowledge to all of us. I had learned a lot from your class. what I love about this class was the input that I can get from every class with you. it not just how to be a good parent, but how to be a good spouse and make me realize that my parent had sacrifice a lot to raise me and it is not easy. next, i can know my personality from the personality test from your class. this help me maybe in the future to be a good man for my future wife and choose the right person for me. lastly, thank a lot madam. you are the best .

Anonymous said...


assalamualaikum madam hayati, first of all i would like to say thank you very much for sharing all the information and knowledge about parenting to us in our class. i have learnt a lot for your stories and your experiences. from my point of view, i think this subject is a good subject for a student to know how to develop a good character to become a mother and father in the future. last but not least, i would seek an apology on behalf of me. thanks madam.. Wassalam.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Firstly, I would like to thanks to you for everything that you’ve done for me. Much knowledge, tips and spices of life that you shared with us give me consciousness to continue the next day. Actually, I thought that parenting class is so boring and effortless that makes me so lazy to come. However, you change my perception. With you as my lecture, or more likely as a mother, sharing experiences and moments make me realize how the world is.
As been grown up in family with all girls (I am the eldest from 5 sisters), I assumed life is simple and easy. I just have to follow the flow of life. Study, graduate, works, find my best man and married. And then, just now that I’m thinking, how will I find my partner? Is he the one for me? How I will manage my marriage and my children later on? If something happen, how can I face the problem? So I apprehend that I have to learn all of this. I have to erase all the fairy tale that I imagined which likely barely to happen (But I still hope it wills hehe :D) I’m so jealous with my ibu that she found my father as her soulmate. They are too lovey dovey that sometime I’m shy to see them. That’s why imagine that all marriage are like that. So typical me =.=”
I'm going to use the entire secret weapons that you have taught to go through my life. Now, I understand myself better than ever, how to control myself and become better. Please pray for me so that I will find my very best man and build a happy and blissful family. And I do pray the same for you. May Allah give us the colorful life and always remember that test will make us become stronger. Live our life to the fullest! (:
Lots of love,
Puteri Nur Ezzati binti Badaruddin
30th May 2014, 8.13 pm

Anonymous said...



Assalamu'alaikum, mdm.

Thank you for giving us a lot of knowledge about marriage. I do aware marriage is important, but never care to think about it for the time being. Once i entered the class, I've realized a lot of things need to prepare before marriage and change my perspective to become more serious in this life.

Rather than gaining knowledge only in the class, I also ask my parent and seniors who already marry about marriage matters. I have obtain abundance of tips especially tips for educating our children. Thus, this class have triggered me to get more information and change my attitude to become a better person.

I also think a lot about my future children. I'm often to think what the best education that I could give to my children. But then, this parenting class have answered my question and i feel satisfied with it. Plus, I realize children have a very great potential and it such a waste for not educating them at the early age.

Thank you for all the knowledge given to us and your time allocated for us to share the important information. May Allah Bless you and your family forever.

Thank you, Wassalam~

yin said...

Assalamualaikum my beloved Mdm Norhayati,
Alhamdulillah, thanks Madam for all the knowledge and advices that you have shared with us all this while. I’m feeling grateful for giving the chance sitting as your student especially for the parenting class slot. Honestly, I never felt interested for the co-curricular class before, until the day I attended this parenting class that you taught. Since that day, my inquiry level keep on rising from week to week just to know what you are going to share with us during class.
Seriously, what you shared in class reflects the real life of me as well. I still remember the first discussion’s topic aka your first session with us, we talked about “keep the positive things in your mind, and throw out the negative one far away”. Yup, it’s really proven in the real life that, children will face difficulty in forgetting all those bad words come out from their parent’s tongue, especially if it’s being repeated frequently.
Next, the personality test slot really impressed me about the four dominant groups of people’s personality. And from my point of view, most of the characteristics for all the four personalities reflect well for me and some of my friends. It’s like a ‘fortune-teller’ you know, hehe. Besides, Madam has motivated me to be a positive person when something bad happened. And not many of lecturers out there having a motherhood-like behavior when teaching their students like Madam did. Maybe every lecturer has their own skills in teaching but for me that ‘motherhood-like attitude’ is a very special skill that not everyone can do it. I felt comfortable every time in class, and never felt like the class was boring or something like ‘krik krik’ for the past three months of learning.
Last but not least, I pray to Allah Almighty to grant you a life full of blessing+barakah+happiness together with you beloved family and people around you, In shaa Allah, Ameen . ^_^

Anonymous said...

Salam Madam.I'm so glad that i'm so glad that i can share my thought in your blogspot. honestly, u are one of the best lecturer I've ever had as u always impress me with ur vocabs n superb way of speaking english. u really remind me of one of my english teacher back in high school. ok, so there are a lot of thing that u've taught me throughout ur classes.in the early session, u taught us about self-improvement. sometimes there are people that always think that they are good enough and they have a high expectation to have a good partner. honestly, sometimes i fall in that category too. it's my mistakes. but u taught us in order to get a good partner, we, ourselves have to be a good person too. the other things is, i love personality test the most. and i think peaceful phlegmatic really suits me as i'm kind of not-so-active-and-lazy person. besides that, i can know my friends' personality too. from knowing that, i can understand why they acting that way and how to fit in with their characteristics as life is all about give and take. sometimes we have to understand people in order to get close to them and to prevent miscommunication.the most important part is of course as we are in parenting class, it is a must to learn how to become a good parents. and u taught us well in that part. may all of us become a good parents in the future. thank u.