Monday, October 20, 2014

Parenting Group Semester 1,2014/2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. to all my 12 special Caliph!

What do you think of the video ' The Person You Really Need to Marry' ?


fathin said...

From her story, I have learned more about the importance to know ourselves before know others. First, we must going to marry ourselves right where we are. Second, we must going to marry ourselves that we agree to stay with we no matter what. Third, we must going to marry ourselves in sickness and in health, which we must forgive ourselves for our own mistakes. Fourth, we must love ourselves how we want someone else to love us.
In conclusion, we must love and caring about ourselves in order to get the right person in our life.. :)

nurbadriah harun said...

She is so amazing. Even she married and divorced three times, she forgive herself and motivate others.

What i get is to accept, appreciate and love myself. That is the person that i really need to marry :)

Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship.

Test will always happen but remember Allah and pray, it’s just a bend, not the end.

Have faith. Allah is the Most Merciful right?

My friend said :
One of the basic differences between Allah and humans is, Allah gives, gives and forgives. But the human gets, gets, gets and forgets.

and last but not least
Be thankful in life... :)

Nor Atisha A.Aziz said...

For about few seconds of watching this video, I was like “Wow, wait a second, what’s this?” I shut it off. I just stared at the laptop screen. Blankly. Then, I was thinking that was very childish of me. So, I opened it again, this time accompanied with a chocolate wafer with milk flavoured cream to persuade myself.
It was not a disappointment. She strikes my heart the moment she introduced who she was married to, that is her own self. I was in awe how she can accept who her parents is despite of whoever they are, what she has undergone through, and also how that affected her life.
I found myself felt the insecurities of a young girl who had gone to 24 foster houses, the urge to own a family, to be able to belong and to be able of accepting and giving love. It was amazing at last she was able to find someone who could make her as a whole.
A person who could marry her exactly who she/he is.
For rich or for poor.
For better or for worse.
In sickness and health.
And to have and to hold.
In a nut shell, the way is to marry yourself first. We are the person that we can count on. The person we can rely upon. The person that will never leave us till death. The person that completes us.
Once we are married to ourselves, what we think mattered most. We are not acting for the sake of making people liking us but how to make ourselves like us.
Thank you mdm for sharing the video withu us.

Ahsanuddin said...

From my perspective, I think that this person has a really positive thinking mind and great confident in herself. From this video, she mention that she is being married thrice and then divorce. If these things happen to other person or even to myself, I am not sure I can stand in front of many audiences or crowd and try to motivate others to appreciate our values and qualities through marrying ourselves first before wanting to know other person to marry. On top of that, she also mention that she has a bad family background. Her father is a drug dealer and her mom is a prostitute. It is really surprising that she can escape away from that and instead of maybe trying to suicide or maybe doing same thing that her mom does, she move on forward and never look back. This is really making me realize that my problems are not really that big and I am really grateful to Allah. Alhamdulilah.
In this video also, she repeat many times about the importance of marrying of ourselves. From my understanding, she trying to say that whatever happen in our lives whether it is good or bad, we must keep loving and be happy with what we are. If we cannot appreciate or believe in ourselves, then how we are going to get accept other person who is going to be our partners for long periods of time? Marriage can be really stressful and if we cannot even control ourselves properly, then how are we going to lead and maintain a meaningful and blissful live in marriage. In marriage, the husband and wife must be able to complement each other to make it successful and being bless by Allah. In order to do that, we must first learn about our strengths and identify the weaknesses. From that, we try to overcome the negative parts of our lives and keep maintaining good behaviors and positive thinking. I think Taj did mention in the class that if we want our spouse to have the qualities that we want, then we also have to develop that similar qualities in ourselves. Well something like that, forgive me Taj if I write wrongly…. Well that’s all from me. Thanks madam for the video.

Amira Farhana said...

Assalamualaikum.. :)

From my perspective, this person really has positive thinking and strong character. She can manage her emotion well and accept herself after what she went through. I was impressed how she can simply tell her story to public. Then, I realized something in her. She could do that because she can accept herself and her life wholeheartedly. She forgive her mistakes and make the past as lesson for her to move on. Then, I noticed that we as human have to know and accept ourselves first before we accept others. It is just like when we are in relationship with our Creator. How can we surrender to Him if we don’t even know Him. The way can we get close and love Him is by observing His creation included ourselves. Same goes to human. We have to accept and love ourselves before we love others. We have to be the first one who accept our weaknesses and forgive our own mistakes before others do that. By marrying ourselves, we can accept whatever that comes to our lives regardless it is good or bad. Human is not perfect. Moreover, life isn't about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship. Life is about to forgive and forgets. Learn from mistakes, make the better life. Thank you madam for sharing the video with us.

and last but not least
Be thankful in life... :)

Amira Farhana Mohd Maizam 1310396