Thursday, February 11, 2010


Assalamualaikum everyone...

"Iqra'" - "Bacalah" ...this powerful reminder from Allah reminds us the importance of READING.
If you read a lot, it broadens your mind. You become knowledgeable and able to explore a lot of wonderful things in life. You learn to appreciate others, be sensitive to other people's plight, acquire new skills, have a better judgement, make wiser decisions and the list goes on and on. But how do you start? First, if you had never loved reading, IT IS going to be DIFFICULT. You hate it because you have never felt any PLEASURE from the reading experience like you do when you play the computer games, watch TV or even sleep for that matter! In order to experience the PLEASURE of reading, you must sincerely want to try it out first. Lets see if this works. I have two simple steps for you:
1) There are many genres or types of novels/short stories/books out there. They are adventure, romantic, human relation, fantasy, suspense, thriller etc2..So, choose the one which you think INTEREST you most. I dont know what is your interest. You should know it yourself! Of course, you can always explore this by reading the blurps at the back cover of the novel or even the first chapter to see whether it 'suits' you.
2) Second, dont choose a book which is too complicated or difficult to read. I mean if the language is too advanced where you can easily get lost after reading a few paragraphs, very likely that it is difficult to understand. This can cause frustration and you wont be able to enjoy reading. Remember, to enjoy, your actions must be associated with pleasure(just like the feeling of you waking up from that sleep and makes you wanting for more -you know what I mean hehe).
So, try these two simple steps first and I ll give you the next one later. If you face any difficulty, just post your comment here and I will attend to it in my next entry.
I got to go. See you next week. To my EOP and EAP students, you guys must feel very happy now that the mid-term is over and so my Chinese New Year break will be occupied marking your papers. Believe me, every time I mark some of them, I would always say this to myself "IF ONLY THEY READ MORE.."
Enjoy your break people!


Anonymous said...

i've ch0osed 'the bicyce' and i really satisfied with the reading.. s0meh0w, the b00k enc0urages me t0 read m0re 0f english n0vel and it bec0mes 0ne 0f my passi0ns n0w..


Anonymous said...

i really agreed with point number 2.. do not choose the book that very complicated... at my school library, there are a lot of english novels. but somehow most of the book really difficult 2 understand and make me hate that novel.. and don't want to continue finishing the novel...

izzati nawawi said...

after madam shows us the ~ where rainbows end~ book.. i do have the spirit to read one.. and i do buy a book by cecelia ahern " a place called here".. but, unfortunatelly, i didnt even finished reading the books.. yes, i didnt understand what is the content, where's the main point.. so and so,, so, i stop reading that.. after i get my eap result last night, the spirit come again.. maybe i need to find a more lighter book.. something that suit with me.. tQ madame, such a beautiful advice.. please remind me to alway be in the right track~~

sya said...

salam mdm..
since I was in secondary school, i read sweet valley but actually i do not like it so much.just because my sis baught, i try read it.but it do not fit my interest. then when i enter matrix in pj,i borrowed novels from the library..there is one book i love it so much.."when my dad killed my mom" was very tragic story but i forgot the writer..when i in iium kuantan, i fall in love with sidney sheldon's novels even though sometimes the words makes me spinning..but because the story is always unexpected ending, i continue reading..then, i meet you as my EAP teacher and you introduce us to cecelia ahern..i start buy her novel's such as p.s i love you..the words use is not too difficult like sidney sheldon..i found novel "tuesday with morrie" in your blog if im not mistaken..fortunately, i found it in kl and bought's very2 extraordinary book i ever's full with motivation, it gives me new perspectives toward people and world..if i've enough money, iwant to buy all his books..mich albom the best!!:)